Is Cotton the Best Bath Towel Material? – See Here!

Cotton is the go-to for premium-grade bath towels for its plushness, softness, and how absorbent it is.

Bath towels can be made from a wide variety of materials though, such as bamboo, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and other forms of cotton. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Walmart bath towels.

If you’re searching for premium bath towels, cotton is definitely the way to go. Here’s why.

What’s the Softest Bath Towel?

The softness and positive qualities of a towel can start to degrade after a few washes. Manufacturers coat many towels with a fabric softening finish to make a towel feel softer in-store. Cotton, however, preserves softness as the yarn is smooth, silky, and less prone to this sort of degradation.

What’s the Most Durable Bath Towel?

Rayon towels get strong marks on softness and absorbency among other categories but lack durability. This is where cotton pulls ahead. Cotton towels are stronger than rayon. This is why commercial facilities like hotels and gyms always choose cotton-polyester.

What Bath Towels Maintain Their Color the Best?

An issue with low-quality towels is that they often fade with time. They stain. They lose their brightness. On top of that, some face care products can contain staining ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. Cotton will stain like any other material so be careful with what you get it in contact with.

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What’s the Most Absorbent Bath Towel?

For a bath towel that absorbs the most, look for thick and heavy towels. The drawback to more premium-style thick bath towels is they take longer to dry. An Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton rate highly as do rayon.

Are Bath Towels Toxic in Any Way?

Low-quality bath towels can leak ink in their first few uses. High-quality cotton bath towels don’t have that same problem. They are non-toxic towels, made from environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices, formaldehyde-free, and with no aromatic amine.

What’s the Most Expensive Bath Towel?

There are certainly more expensive bath towels than cotton. You can get premium cotton materials which cost more than other cottons. So long as it’s pure cotton, you’re in good hands regardless of where the cotton is from.

Towels should be absorbent, soft, and durable. A cotton hotel-grade towel is everything in look, feel, and performance. It’s by far the best bath towel material going and the industry standard. 100% cotton, machine washable, and in a dense design, a cotton towel can last years. Visit to pick up a cotton bath towel set on sale today.

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