What Happens to Your Toothbrush When You Leave It On the Counter

When your toothbrush doesn’t have a caddy to saddle up with after a use, it can foster germs and bacteria quickly.

Have you ever wondered what happens in the 24 hours between toothbrush uses – as it’s left waiting and drying out on a bathroom countertop, presumably in close proximity to a toilet, millions of bacteria can catch onto it. Here’s what to do about this toothbrush problem.

Is Your Toothbrush Really That Dirty?

Let’s calm expectations. As one might expect, yes, any bacteria that attaches to a toothbrush ends up in your mouth the next morning when you go to brush your teeth.

Fortunately, most do not have to worry. The bacteria has to come from somewhere.

For bacteria from urine and stool to land on your toothbrush, it’s got to be airborne. So long as you’re not scrubbing the toilet with your toothbrush, you won’t ever have that sort of bacteria stationed on your toothbrush fibers.

Where Does Toothbrush Bacteria Come From?

There’s more bacteria in your mouth than anywhere on your body. Millions of bacteria, in fact.

As you rinse away the mouth bacteria every morning, some of this catches on the toothbrush. A very minimal amount. The bacteria that’s most likely going to hang on is what’s on your countertop.

A toothbrush holder is helpful because it keeps your toothbrush up off the counter. The countertop’s almost like leaving your toothbrush on the floor in the way. It really is. If you don’t wipe down and sanitize your countertop regularly, there’s a lot that can hook onto your toothbrush.

Joseph Joseph EasyStore™ Steel Large Toothbrush Caddy

Why A Toothbrush Caddy Makes Sense

The most sanitary way to keep your toothbrush is in a clean toothbrush caddy.

Not only does it keep your toothbrush up off the counter but it helps to keep things a lot more organized. This alone will prevent you from accidentally knocking your toothbrush to the ground.

A caddy can also be used to store or separate other toothbrushes, preventing any mix-ups. Toothpaste, floss, and other teeth-related items can go here for safekeeping.

Brands like Joseph Joseph specialize in bathroom storage and organization products like this. In terms of keeping things stylish and nice-looking – especially if you have someone waking up with you the next morning – consider a caddy.

Search out bathroom storage and organization products such as toothbrush holders, caddies, shelves, and more from Living.ca. Do the right thing for the sake of the bacteria your toothbrush could come in contact with over the course of the 24 hours it’s left unattended.

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