5 Signs Your Plant is Dying And Needs A Plant Mister

Plants are resilient but they don’t last forever. If a plant isn’t being watered regularly – even greenery that doesn’t require a lot of moisture – it can fade, wilt, and die. If you see your plant starting to look a little yellow or like its foliage is starting to droop, don’t panic.

An electric plant mister spray bottle can provide moisture to your plant the right way and potentially save it.

As any expert will tell you, here are the signs your plant may need to be watered. Fortunately, fixing this problem is easy.


Stiff is strong. Sagging is a sign that your plant is going through something. A lack of water is potentially not it.

Check for pests. Consider it may be overwatered. Look at where it’s positioned in relation to light. Use a plant mister on it once a day for a week and note any changes, positive or negative. Moisture’s not a bad thing but too much moisture can be.

Crispy Leaves

We’ve all seen how crispy leaves get in the fall, after they have fallen off the tree and dried up. When you see this sort of crispiness start to present on your plant, that’s a problem.

Fortunately, all it needs is a little water. Give your plant a thorough soak if the soil is bone-dry. Lukewarm water works. Over the next few weeks, ensure you’re hydrating the plant properly. Misting a plant with a plant mister or spray bottle is recommended.

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Yellow Leaves

Yellow leaves happen on a lot of plants. It’s very common. If the yellow is at the bottom of the foliage, it shouldn’t be considered a problem. It’s likely a sign older leaves are dying off and eventually will fall off to create more new growth.

That said, if there are several leaves yellowing and it’s happening all over the plant, it may be watering trouble.

Brown Leaves

When the edges of a plant turn brown, it is likely from a lack of humidity of water quality.

Grab your plant mister and give the leaves a quick mist. Water the plant. Commit to a misting schedule where you mist a little more regularly. This will increase humidity around the leaves, restoring them to their former glory.

No Plant Growth

There should be plant growth, though some plants grow slower than others. If your plant isn’t growing, you’re noticing branches or stems are easier to snap rather than bend, and when a stem’s scratched you’re not seeing a lively green, it’s a sign something has to change.

Cut off dead growth. Give it water and a mist. Add nutrition. Look for other issues, i.e. pest infestation.

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