Benefits of Deep Scalp Massages You Can Do At Home

A deep scalp massage is not only relaxing but provides lasting benefit with hair growth and circulation.

Using an electric scalp head massager, a deep scalp massage is something you can do whenever. Here are just some of the benefits to performing this type of massage at home.

Reduces Anxiety

After a stressful day, it’s normal to have some residual stress or anxiety you can’t shake. A scalp massage immediately removes all that and allows you to re-focus on yourself and not what happened to you that day.

Increase Hair Thickness

Scalp massages stretch the cells of hair follicles which encourages them to thicken. Multiple research studies have proven this. It is also assumed that due to the dilation of blood vessels beneath the skin, a scalp head massage may in fact increase hair growth.

Customize the Settings

An electric deep scalp massager has a range of settings, from fast to slow and even reverse massage. If you aren’t sure what you like, start slow and then move up from there.

May Treat Headaches

Headaches occur for several different reasons. Tension headaches and stress headaches potentially can be resolved through a scalp massage. At the very least, it will ease the pain symptoms and aid in making these moments more bearable.

Relaxes Facial Skin

A lot of people carry tension in their faces. Though this is a scalp massage and not a facial, resolving and relaxing the scalp can play a role in relaxing our faces as well. This reduces the presentation of wrinkles and fine lines, and allows our muscles to just sit and be calm.

Use An Electric Massage Elsewhere

This one isn’t really a benefit of deep scalp massage but rather, a benefit of the massager. An electric massager is built to imitate the effect of human fingers on the body. Beyond the head, massagers like this can also be used on the neck or back.

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May Aid in Detoxification

A scalp massage can help with lymphatic drainage, aiding in the moving of toxins and waste away and out. This is the effect of a circulation boost which is accomplished through any massage.

Other Mind-Body Benefits

The effect of relaxing the scalp has a number of benefits. It is known to relax TMJ symptoms, discomfort from dental pain or tightness in the mouth, and more. It can aid in lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and reducing tension all over the body.

Visit today to get an electric deep scalp massager. A daily scalp massage is an outstanding way to decompress and relax at the end of a long day.

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