7 Home Storage Ideas to Add Organization And Charm to Every Room

Home storage is more valuable than tech. That’s right, we said it. Tech may be trendy but organization makes or breaks a space. Clutter isn’t fun. Home storage is. Here are 7 storage opportunities you might be missing out on.

7-Tier Shoe Rack

Every home has a shoe rack of some kind. It’s probably pretty limited. A few tiers. Maybe not even that.

Try this 7-tier ultra-light shoe rack on for size. With enough space for thirty-five pairs, this level of organization is as much about storage as it is presentation. Strong and durable, this can be fitted into any closet or left out on its own.

Ottoman Storage

A folding storage ottoman is a great gift to any room. It looks natural, fits anywhere, and is comfortable.

For all the things that don’t quite have a home, it doesn’t hurt to have organization like this ready. You can really upgrade a space simply by getting a few things out of the way. With a storage ottoman, you don’t have to put those things into storage. You can keep them close and accessible.

Modular Storage Cubes

Modular storage cubes are often used as a wardrobe organizer but they can be a lot more to a household.

Try modular storage cubes in various configurations. Fit them separately in clumps. Build them together into a shape of your choosing. Work them into open areas around your home. Whatever works.

Portable Wardrobe Closet

A portable wardrobe closet helps you set up tomorrow’s outfits and provides space to put your favourite shirts.

Even if you already have a closet, a portable closet is like having a place to set things out protected from everything else going on in the room.

4-Drawer Bedroom Organizer

Adorn where you sleep with a 4-drawer bedroom storage unit. Use it as a nightstand, an end table, or a corner table.

If four drawers are too many, choose a three-drawer bedroom table. If that’s not enough, try a model with five drawers. Bedrooms are notoriously disorganized. Have a neat, tidy area to put belongings and things you don’t want to toss.

Adjustable Bathroom Corner Storage

The bathroom’s always going to be a messy place. It’s where we get ready for the day or night ahead!

In the shower, try this adjustable bathroom corner pole caddy. No drilling necessary. You get multiple tiers that are held in with tension, saving you space and clutter. Hold your shampoo, shower products, and more.

Metal Shelving Unit Storage Organizer

Anyone with a garage, basement, or a room that’s not being used probably has some disorganization that doesn’t really suit any of the products mentioned. We get that.

Try a heavy-duty shelving unit and storage organizer. Five tiers, adjustable in height. Waterproof and ready for any environment. Durable and adaptable, this can not only be used in more industrial settings but also in the kitchen or elsewhere.

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