Best Electric Water Dispenser For Your Office

Lack of hydration causes irritability, negatively impacts productivity, and is unhealthy. A water dispenser is a mechanism we put on the end of a water cooler to regulate temperature, filter, prepare, and dispense.

The right electric water dispenser offers easy access to drinkable water for you and your employees.

Old-style water dispensers aren’t as convenient as USB charging water pumps. Through USB charging, one can have an electric rechargeable water dispenser that looks and feels professional and impressive.

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Water Dispenser?

An electric water dispenser charges purely through USB which makes it a quick way to ensure water’s ready to dispense at all times.

It applies easily to any multi-gallon water bottle, perfect for not only office environments but at home and outdoors as well. In fact, installing it is relatively easy. There’s no prying off the lid or removing the water bottle cap. It fits on fairly easily.

From there, all it takes is the press of a button. From that, you get your steady stream of water much easier than you can from a manual dispenser.

65bc0 livingbasics lvb xhb 012 kitchen appliances electric rechargeable 5 gallon water dispenser usb charging water pump livingbasics
Electric Rechargeable 5 Gallon Water Dispenser USB Charging Water Pump – LIVINGbasics™

Suitable for gallon barrels below a 58mm neck, it only takes three hours to charge via a USB connection. At full-charge it can be used on average for 30-40 days with no issue.

The electric water pump uses food-grade silicone as a hose in a stainless steel design that’s consumer-safe. No toxins. No odors. Easy to clean and sure to guard against bacteria, this is a great investment for any office that wants to offer its employees only the best.

As a portable water bottle pump, this device has also been used at outdoor picnics and sports events.

Benefits of A Water Dispenser in An Office

Have water at the ready for anyone who needs it. If anyone’s feeling anxious, thirsty, or dehydrated, an office water dispenser is a nice way to give someone a few minutes to help regulate and refocus.

Hydration in offices has been shown to keep staff healthy and concentrated throughout a shift.

Hydration helps with digestion and metabolism. On a hot day, it is also a calming way to cool down and keep one’s mind focused on the work in front of them.

A water dispenser eliminates the need for bottled water which is an excellent eco-friendly statement to make as well.

Satisfy the hydration needs of your office while making this beautiful product a part of your thematic décor. If you enjoy communicating a high-class, innovative, and trendy office atmosphere, it’s items like this that make the difference. Add this high-tech electric USB water dispenser to your office today. Get it from

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