Top 7 Small Kitchen Appliances Under $100 to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen of your dreams. What does that look like – for everyone, the answer’s different.

Small kitchen appliances have their role to play. For under $100, there are dozens of ways to instantly change the way things are being done in the kitchen. Here are our 7 favourite small appliances to help prepare delicious meals and foods.

Glass Electric Kettle – $27.99

So many kettles today are made from plastics. This one is glass through-and-through. A glass electric kettle is perfect for teas and boiling water with an LED indicator, boil-dry protection, and auto shut-off built into its design.

Digital Kitchen Scale – $9.99

A digital kitchen scale is perfect for those that are measuring how much they eat. Have a more accurate view of calories or use a scale like this for baking. It’s a handy and very inexpensive kitchen accessory to have.

Single Serve Coffee Maker – $29.99

For ground coffee and K-Cups, try this single serve coffee maker to kick up some energy in mornings. Save yourself what you’d spend at the Starbucks, Tim’s, or local coffee shop. Busy coffee-lovers will enjoy being able to hit the switch on this and prepare for themselves a fresh coffee when they need it most.

Toaster Oven – $31.99

A small 4-slice pizza toaster oven is for those nights when you don’t want to wait for the oven to fire up. This appliance gently opens up what you can cook and at what speed. It’s a very underrated kitchen tool that’s as versatile, strong, and perfect as anything else on this list.

18-in-1 Pressure Cooker – $79.99

Anyone serious about making healthy meals, try this on for size. The easiest way to cook. A multi-use pressure cooker can be used for meat, soups, stews, steamed vegetables, beans, rice, potatoes, pastas, and slow-cooking just about anything.

Portable Digital Induction Cooker – $53.99

A digital induction cooker is a countertop burner that you can add to what you have on a stove already or take with you. With 1,800 watts of power, at the push of a button, you have stove-ready tech available to provide you the chance to increase what’s possible in the kitchen.

Smart Induction Automatic Trash Can – $39.99

A garbage can isn’t an appliance, you might say! When it’s packed with this much tech, it is. A smart induction automatic trash can is smaller than the average kitchen garbage can but provides an easier way to get rid of messes hands-free.

These small kitchen appliances exist for good reason. They fill some pretty big voids in preparing foods and beverages. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle or want to open yourself up to new recipes, try these kitchen appliances and accessories and others at

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