How Do I Organize Foods In My Fridge – See here!

You may not think there is a wrong way to organize a fridge but there can be.

Where to put what in your fridge is a question a lot of people have. To ensure food is safe to consume and to prevent bacteria from spreading, here are a few general rules to keep in mind around how to organize foods in the fridge.

Beverages Towards the Top

Beverages and liquids go on the top shelf and in the drawer towards the top because they’re easy to retrieve.

Things like milk, water, soda, and even condiments and sauces are things you will presumably employ fairly regularly.

Ready-to-Eat Foods on Top

Towards the top of the fridge, you also want to put your dairy products. This keeps them away from meats and items that can cross-contaminate them. Put here milk, yogurt, cream, butter, and more.

Any packaged foods, leftovers, or cooked meats will also be put in this location. This will keep them visible.

Organize Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables ideally go into fridge storage containers or bags where they can avoid contamination from other sources.

Even if they do not go into separate bags or organizers, ensure they are kept together and separate from everything else inside a fridge drawer.

Raw Meat Should Be Kept Covered

Any raw meat including poultry and fish should be kept covered and sealed inside a container.

Raw meats can be kept in the bins if you have a dedicated space for them or on the bottom shelf. Do not ever put raw meat next to fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep raw meat as separate as you can.

Eat-By Dates

Put food that is most likely to spoil towards the front of the fridge and those with some time remaining towards the back.

Some even go so far as to have a fridge organizer bin for the products that are close to expiring. This can help remind you of what to eat before things spoil. No one wants food to expire. It’s a waste of money.

Reorganized Once A Week

Have a day of the week where you reorganize your fridge. This may only take a few seconds to do and on some weeks, you may not have anything to reorganize. Still, it’s important to have a schedule.

This way, you can rotate things that are about to expire out front or simply remind yourself of everything that’s in there. This can inspire dinner ideas or new ways to use ingredients you’re having difficulty finishing.

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