If Your Home is Messy, Try These Storage Life Hacks, Tips, And Tricks

Living gets messy. We can’t always be free from clutter and disorganization. Inevitably, it has a way of creeping in.

Fortunately, with just a few storage life hacks, it can make the world of difference in controlling the chaos around you. A few tricks here. A few storage products over there. And your space suddenly feels easier to navigate and a lot less anxiety-ridden than before.


Caddies are a perfect addition to any bathroom, kitchen, or space that gets daily use and a strong likelihood of regular messes forming.

Storage Shelves

Whether it’s heavy-duty storage shelves made from aluminum and metal or something smaller, make use of the vertical space that we often don’t acknowledge when we’re filling a room with furniture.

Spice Racks

Racks are key to daily kitchen work. Spice racks are great for those who use them. A coffee module cup rack is also handy, as is a utensil rack for inside the drawer.

Clothing Hamper

Dirty clothes don’t deserve the floor. Toss them in a dirty clothing hamper and have them ready to wash.

Bathroom Storage

We could take up the whole of this article with bathroom storage options if we wanted to. Bathrooms are always cooking up some level of disorganization atop counters, around the bathtub, and around the room. Look for where to place storage – such as an over-the-toiler bathroom tower.

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Dish Drying Rack

No storage tips list would be complete without mentioning a dish drying rack or dish drying organizers. Don’t just set them out on a towel. Move them somewhere where there’s a good chance of them drying.

Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage is great for things like shoes, socks, and wardrobes. You may also use employ over-the-door storage for similar lightweight materials or items. Over and behind the door’s an underrated ‘general use’ organization space.

Modular Storage Cubes

Set up modular storage cubes any which way you like and use them however you see fit. An increasingly necessary storage option for small spaces, portable modular cubes work in every room of the house.

Paperwork Stackers

Few of us accumulate the sort of paperwork that would necessitate having plastic paperwork stackers. That said, if you receive a lot of mail, have important business or tax documents you desire to hang onto, this can be one way to keep things separate but organized and accessible.

Hidden Storage

Create storage possibilities where it’s not readily apparent. A folding storage ottoman with drawers, for example, is a fine opportunity to tidy up a room while keeping what you’re tidying accessible to you within a few steps or less.

Is your home a mess – pick up these storage tools and more from Living.ca. See your life change utilizing storage to your advantage!

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