Why Your Cat Needs A Cat Tree And Scratching Post

Cats need very little from their owners but a cat tree is one of the essentials. Cat furniture is necessary to keeping your kitten happy and relaxed.

Most people are surprised at how much a cat needs their cat tree or scratching post. A cat doesn’t require walks or needs to be let outside to pee. They’re a great pet but a cat tree is something you don’t want to forget to buy for them. Here’s why.

Cats Like to Be High

Cats enjoy being up high. They like being eye-to-eye with their human or higher. Perched on a cat tree or scratching post, it’s a safe place to position themselves in a way that doesn’t put furniture or valuables at risk.

Cat Trees Are Stimulating

Every living thing needs stimulation. Imagine how you might feel being in a house without something to do. A cat scratching post can be very stimulating to a cat, providing a way to scratch and climb and play.

Cats Want to Play

Cats want to play and have fun. They need toys and something to occupy their imagination. Scratching posts and cat trees allow a cat to run around, climb, and engage with their natural instincts.

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Gives Them Their Own Furniture

If your cat is being problematic and destroying your furniture, it may be because there’s something lacking. They may be bored or feel like they don’t have their own space to enjoy. A cat tree is an opportunity to give your feline friend their own furniture.

Cats Want to Scratch

Cats want to keep their claws sharp for instinctual reasons. When they scratch furniture, it damages things like couches, loveseats, and cushions. A scratching post gives cats a way to exercise and scratch. This also helps them remove the outer nail sheaths, keeping those nails sharpened and ready.

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Cats Want to Stretch

Cats want to stretch, like all of us do. Digging their claws into a scratch post, a cat can stretch themselves out and get that circulation going.

Cats Mark Their Territory

Like any animal, cats want to mark their territory. The scratching on a cat tree marks an area as one’s own. Furthermore, it marks a room by scent. The interdigital glands of a cat are on its paws. The odor left behind on a cat tree acts as a marker. Cats love being able to do this.

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