Kitchen Storage Ideas to Organize Your Cooking Space

An organized kitchen is a clean kitchen. A lot of people fill their kitchen with messes. Piles of dirty dishes. Appliances you have nowhere to put. Things that really shouldn’t be in the kitchen somehow find their way there.

Try these kitchen storage ideas on for size. From basket shelf kitchen storage on wheels to organizers for over the sink, discover the opportunities in front of you.

Dish Drying Rack

Even if you have a washing machine, a multi-tier dish drying rack is an asset. Use it to quickly wash and dry cutlery, plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and more. It has everything you need, including a drip tray.

Under-Shelf Pantry Storage

Find vertical space you’re not using and use it. Your pantry is a great example. For dried ingredients, beans and lentils, under-shelf storage containers are easily mounted. Take advantage of unused space underneath your cabinet.

Kitchen Cutlery Organizer

A kitchen cutlery organizer from Joseph Joseph fits neatly into your drawer and separates knives, forks, and spoons in easy-to-access sections. The unique design is the perfect stow-away alternative to letting your utensils sit out packed on top of one another loose and disorganized.

Refrigerator Storage Bins

We are grabbing things from the fridge every day several times a day. It’s naturally going to become a disorganized place. Use refrigerator storage bins to separate sauces, eggs, sodas, fruits, vegetables, and more. Especially in a multi-person household, this can help keep things separated, organized, and easy-to-access.

Spice Rack Wall Mount

A spice rack wall mount can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. It creates a neat shelf on which spices and other pantry essentials can be placed. The two-tier stainless steel design can be expanded for other wall-mounted organizers as well.

Coffee Pod Holder

For the coffee lover, try this bamboo coffee pod holder. If you have a small kitchen, you don’t want a stack of coffee pods or a pile on your countertop. Stick them in a container and put it some place safe in a drawer or on top of the fridge. This storage divider also works for loose teas as well.

Basket Shelf Kitchen Storage on Wheels

A movable basket shelf on wheels is perfect for all that stuff you don’t know where to put. You can dress it up to have it look like something, position it flat against a wall as a static piece of storage, or keep it on wheels. It’s entirely up to you.

Keep your kitchen in order. Large or small, every kitchen probably can benefit from one or two of these. Shop kitchen organizers today at

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