What Will You Be Doing for Easter 2021?

Easter’s cancelled!
…Just kidding. But in a pandemic, it can sure feel like Easter is cancelled sometimes. No Easter Bunny appearances. No neighborhood gatherings. Family and friends are under restrictions. Organizing a fun Easter party can seem out of the question.

What there is to do this Easter is going to be very limited but it’s still possible to make something special out of the occasion. There are plenty of party ideas for Easter you can use at home celebrating with family or friends.

It ultimately comes down to creativity and preparation. Consider the different ways you can celebrate Easter. Something like an Easter egg scavenger hunt can be redesigned and personalized to your circumstances. There are party games you can have. Have a ‘movie day’. Bake some Easter goodies. Paint eggs. There is a long list of possibilities.

How to Throw An Easter Party During COVID-19

Pandemic measures are restricted in some areas that inviting people over is a no-no. This, fortunately,
doesn’t mean you have to give up Easter.

A lot of it is preparation. You can’t improv an Easter party in this climate. Invest in Easter party accessories first. Living.ca is a great resource for this. You can order everything, buy Easter accessories online, and have them delivered to your front door.

Once you have your Easter décor hung up, try making some virtual video appointments with family.

Easter’s a day where we’d normally gather. Because we can’t, have some video chats with the people you’d normally see over the long weekend.

Consider dropping off some Easter baskets off to the same family or friends. An Easter basket can contain elements like décor, bunny ears, Easter chocolates, some things you baked, arts and crafts you prepared, or similar things.

How Can You Entertain Kids for Easter In A Pandemic?

With kids, you don’t want to feel like the occasion’s being ruined by the restrictions. What’s going on in the world shouldn’t matter.

There’s still a lot you can do at home for the long weekend, from Easter egg decorating to arts and crafts, baking, going for an Easter drive to the park, knitting, writing a song or creating artwork, and so much more.

Consider what your child is interested in. Try to build a day around that. If they’re focused on creativity and art, engage that. If they like sports, try to have a sports-based day in some way. Easter break should be a time of relaxation, fun, and memory-making pandemic or not.

This Easter, tap into your celebratory side. Shop Living.ca for Easter accessories, décor, and more.

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