Why Easter is the Perfect Time to Start Your Garden

In a lot of places around the country, private Easter gatherings are still off-limits due to the pandemic. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend the long weekend doing fun things with family and/or roommates. If you’re planning a spring garden or summer garden, Easter’s a huge opportunity to get started on it.

Clear Out Beds

Clearing out your garden may involve removing some weeds, preparing the dirt, and addressing any unforeseen issues as they come out. Clear out the beds and prep them even if you can’t complete the look all in one weekend.

Self-Watering Planters

A garden’s going to have some beds and will have a very natural layout already there. You possibly may have other opportunities to have plants such as hanging plants, self-watering planters, or similar pieces on stairs, railings, hooks, and elsewhere.

Decorate A Planter

Terracotta planters are very cheap but they’re super effective. They don’t exactly scream of uniqueness though. Try some Easter-style decorating with Easter colors or using colors of your choosing. Paint them. Cover them. Have fun.

Have An Easter Party Outside

If the weather calls for it, gather some Easter party accessories and throw a socially-distanced gathering outside for your closest family. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and maybe even have a BBQ if the occasion calls for it. In your backyard, you can center it all around gardening.

Decorate And Stain Some Eggs

Eggs are very easy to decorate. You can do them by hand if you want to do an intricate design. If you just want colored eggs, create some dyes and dip them. It’s easy. Multi-color eggs are perfect décor for a garden, infusing it with color but small enough and portable enough to customize the look to your liking.

Make A Weekend Out Of It!

If you aren’t working through Easter, have an Easter party. It’s a fine time to design your garden. Map out where you want to put your plants, be it flowers, herbs, vegetables, or greenery. Look at seeds, planters, and any accessories you want to have as well.

Plant Your Easter Flowers

Flowers don’t last forever. Buying some bulbs or Easter flowers and planting them is a nice opportunity to enjoy the season. Potted flowers are very inexpensive. You can get cut flowers as well. Some purple or pink blooms – i.e. angelonias, strawflowers, astilbes, and zinnias – can last through to Mother’s Day in some instances.

Arranging a fun Easter is tough with so many pandemic restrictions. Use what you got. Find accessories and Easter décor that work. Dress up the backyard and invest some time in the garden. You’ll thank yourself when that hot weather really starts to roll around in the next few months. For Easter party accessories, self-watering planters, and gardening accessories, visit Living.ca today.

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