How to Use A Greenhouse For Your Garden in Spring, Summer, Fall, And Winter

For a home gardener, a greenhouse is an opportunity to extend the growing season to year-round.

A greenhouse is a protected space that’s hot, humid, and perfect for select plants to sprout. A greenhouse on average is 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the temperature outside.

For vegetables and plants that struggle to find the heat to grow, this is your answer.

Depending on the season, a walk-in greenhouse is used differently. Here is how time of year influences what you put into your greenhouse and how to care for your crops.

Using A Greenhouse in Spring

In spring, a greenhouse is meant to be stocked with seedling trays.

Get an early start on plants, vegetables, and flowers requiring a longer growing season than what’s afforded us in Canada. If there’s a crop you really love – such as strawberries – a greenhouse allows you to gather more by getting an early start on them.

Using A Greenhouse in Summer

Summer is when it’s hottest. A large summer greenhouse for gardening can get extremely hot, needless to say.

Cucumber, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes love heat. A greenhouse in summer is an excellent time to fill it with these types of vegetables. Tropical plants can also thrive in these sort of conditions.

Using A Greenhouse in Fall

With every season, you harvest what you grew in the previous quarter. Move out the summer plants and move in fall.

In the fall, add some fresh compost down and plant winter crops. Anything you plant in fall shouldn’t be heavy feeders. Lettuce and salad greens are easy to grow. Fill your greenhouse to your heart’s content with these.

Any subtropical plants – i.e. citrus, avocado, etc. – should be brought into the greenhouse for protection in autumn as well.

Using A Greenhouse in Winter

In winter, stick to easy-to-grow vegetables like kale, broccoli, and collards. Salad greens are a wonderful way to fill your greenhouse with a crop that’s going to give you a lot of output throughout the colder months.

Make the Most From Your Greenhouse

A multi-tier greenhouse for outdoors has plenty of space to grow the plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, and greenery you like.

For the more advanced gardener, a greenhouse creates more self-reliance. They can take a large amount of electricity to operate once you start moving in grow lights and such. This is an approach to take if you intend to move your greenhouse indoors at any point.

The sky is the limit with a walk-in greenhouse. For tender plants that need something extra in the colder months, a greenhouse is a simple hands-off way to help this greenery along. Get yours today at

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