Why You Need A Jewelry Cabinet

As you buy jewelry, if you don’t have an organizer to put your jewelry in, it’s going to end up endlessly disorganized potentially resulting in damage to your most prized items.

Do you need a jewelry cabinet – if you have more than three or four pieces of jewelry, say ‘yes’.

What Is A Jewelry Cabinet?

Jewelry cabinets are floor-standing, movable, or mounted. It’s sort of like having a jewelry box that’s big and accommodating to more than just your smaller pieces.

A mounted jewelry organizer fits neatly on the wall and hides your jewelry behind a mirror. It’s a keen place to put your best jewelry, in addition to having a lock so that it’s kept safe flush with your wall.

What Can You Put In A Jewelry Cabinet?

Though there are different models of jewelry cabinets, a lot of them come with the same basic design.

– Multiple metal rings for scarves or ties.
– Pockets for eyebrow pencils, mascara, cosmetic brushes, and similar items.
– Shelving for perfumes, watches, and similar items.
– Clear compartments for small accessories you want to be visible.
– Hooks for necklaces, bracelets, chains, and other valuables.
– Earring holes for multiple pairs of earrings.
– Compartments for rings and ear studs.

Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer White – SortWise™

Buy A Jewelry Cabinet With Mirror

Though mounted jewelry storage is most popular, there are also free-standing jewelry cabinets.

These jewelry cabinets are on movable wheels or set up to be stationary. They are stable and provide more space for jewelry storage. It all sits behind a full-body mirror. This is a beautiful addition to anyone’s bedroom.

If you enjoy the thought of having a full-body mirror around to ensure you’re looking your best, maximize the opportunity. Have the chance to open the front mirror and behind it lies your favourite jewelry and prized possessions.

Inside you have a sophisticated presentation for all your items. The lining is soft black velvet. Visually, it makes quite the impact. Everything’s easy to reach. On top of that, it locks so you’re the only person with the ability to access what lies behind the mirror.

For men and women, this jewelry cabinet and mirror can be tilted and moved anywhere in the room.

With the right storage products, the organization’s done for you. Shop Living.ca today for your jewelry cabinet, jewelry boxes, and more. Slide your best jewelry into some place safe. From mounted cabinets to free-standing movable organizers, you have a range of possibilities. Living.ca’s the top name in home storage and organization for every room in the house.

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