How Much More Eco-Friendly Are LED Lights In Your Home

LED bulbs are a sound investment for your home. As lighting technology has advanced so fast, sometimes we forget about how eco-friendly LED lightbulbs are. If your main priority is energy savings and cost savings, here are a few reasons why LED bulbs are the best.

LEDs Are Bright

LED lightbulbs are big, bright, and they work exceptionally well. Some LED bulbs have additional features such as being dimmable. There are more basic lightbulbs, of course. The starting point with any of these though is how well they work and how reliable they are.

LEDs Are Better

Fluorescent bulbs save energy but don’t deliver the sort of performance a lot of homes want. Incandescent lightbulbs were used throughout the past 100 years before LEDs came along. They’re old-fashioned and not very eco-friendly.

LEDs Are Non-Toxic

LEDs are made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials. They are fully recyclable and considered a green source of lighting.

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LEDs Consume Less Energy

LED lights work a little differently than non-LEDs. They consume less than 90% power than other bulbs. This saves a ton on electricity and energy, ensuring that at the very least you cut down household consumption quite a bit.

LEDs Last Longer

The average regular lightbulb struggles to reach 1,500 hours. An LED lightbulb lasts upwards of 60,000 hours. That’s a massive jump! On average, an LED bulb lasts a home up to 7 years – approximately 133 times longer than any alternative.

LEDs Come in Colors

LED lightbulbs can be outfitted in various colors. They do not use a filter which was the most common
method of producing color lights.

LEDs Save Money

All in all, in an LED lightbulb, you’re getting less energy use and an extended shelf life. This saves you money. Not necessarily a ton on a daily basis but whether you’re a home or business, add together the lightbulbs you’ve bought over the years and the energy they’ve taken to operate and rather quickly it’ll be obvious you’re so much better off with eco-friendly LED lightbulbs.

LEDs Are Safe

LED lights do not produce any ultraviolet rays and are safe to use around the house. In fact, research has found some LED lights may be used for therapeutic purposes such as repairing scarring. LEDs are also at a significantly reduced risk of fires and burns, as they require less electricity to operate.

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