The Best Hammock For A Lazy Summer Day

A hammock is a summer favourite and you don’t need no trees in the backyard to have one. Hammocks can be built with stands and/or steel polling, creating freestanding beds ready to accept a willing participant.

Can You Have A Hammock With No Trees?

Though it’s beautiful scenery to have large trees to be your own hammock stand, there are hammock stands made from hardwood and steel with metal chains securing your hammock in place.

Take an afternoon nap. Read a book. Slap on some bug netting and you can even camp outdoors overnight.

Where Do You Use A Hammock?

A hammock isn’t the most portable piece of furniture but it can be moved. Though backyard double hammocks are popular, they are also brought to beaches, parks, and for outdoor camping.

In a hammock, there is a lot you want to look for. You want to ensure it is sturdy. If you feel at all unsafe, this won’t make the most comfortable experience laying in a hammock. Also, there are limitations on size and weight. A hammock should have the size so that you can lay out fully extended comfortably.

Depending on the fabric a hammock is made from, it’s also common to see weight limits set somewhere around 400-450 lbs.

There are also high-strength chair hammocks that safely hold up to 250-275 lbs. and hang downward from a tree. If you do have a large tree in the backyard that you’re confident can secure a hammock, this might be the exact sort of hammock you want.

How Long Does It Take to Build A Hammock?

A hammock from takes 4 minutes or less to hang. All you need is an object to hang the canvas on. That’s more or less the hard part. The hammock is already pre-designed and assembled before you pull it out.

If you’re looking for the next deck accessory, a hammock can be a great gift to yourself. A hammock can also carry two people, if it’s a double hammock. These are the preferred type of hammock as they tend to be more stable.

If you intend to buy a camping hammock, ensure it comes with mosquito or bug netting. This netting will be key to keeping insects out, allowing you to rest in the middle of the wilderness without worry about bites.

For your next lazy summer day, search out the best hammocks in Canada at Setup is literally only minutes and then, you’ll be ready to have it in a corner or on your deck waiting for use.

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