What Accessories Do I Need to Have An Indoor Garden – See here

An indoor garden isn’t something that comes together without intent. Plants, planters, and gardening accessories can be a major asset in crafting the right green space. If you want an indoor garden, invest in it. Here are some indoor garden accessories to pick up or consider depending on what plants you have in front of you.

Plant Light

Full-spectrum light is needed for plants to be truly happy. Though sunlight indoors is achievable, one or more full-spectrum plant lights with an adjustable gooseneck can be angled at your favourite plants that absolutely must be kept looking their finest.

Grow Bags

5-gallon grow bags can be moved outdoors if necessary or are portable enough to be moved around an indoor area as needed. For large plants, i.e. potatoes, grow bags will ensure they’re treated with the right climate and care. Grow bags are much easier to move and transport compared to terracotta or solid-material planters.

Seedling Heat Mat

Seedling heat mats, aka hydroponic pads, can be set up to help seeds start to grow or support greenery that needs more heat. If you live in a particularly cold area or if it’s an unusually cold season, a seedling heat mat may be just what you need for a plant to pull through.

Electric Plant Mister

An electric plant mister is a spray bottle outfitted with automated tech to cover indoor plants, flowers, and trees with the moisture they require to thrive.

Greenhouse Grow Kit

A greenhouse grow hit helps you get flower and vegetable seeds started in the perfect humid, hot climate. For city-dwellers who don’t have a greenhouse at their access, a greenhouse grow kit can still provide the sort of environment to get a seed started on their botanical journey.

Windowsill Self-Watering Planter

A windowsill self-watering planter can be set in the hottest spots around the window. Filled with mighty herbs and aromatic blooms, you can grow relaxing greens fast and keep your sunlight-desperate plants looking their best.

Hanging Self-Watering Planter

A hanging self-watering planter is pretty-as-a-picture and can hold a variety of houseplants. Requiring no space, they hook and mount to the ceiling and provide you with another way to maintain plants indoors. It can be quite jungle-like, for better or for worse, especially when combined with a variety of planters and pots underneath.

Make caring for your indoor garden a cinch. Catch all these garden accessories at Living.ca today. Even with no experience, a gardener can still learn how to care for plants, providing sunlight, heat, moisture, and more. These are the ingredients to a successful garden. Shop with Living.ca.

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