What Herbs Can You Grow In A Self-Watering Planter in Canada

A self-watering planter promises easy day-to-day gardening potential. Grow herbs on your windowsill, ensuring this greenery has the sun, temperature, and water needed to maximize returns.

If you’ve never grown herbs indoors before, here are some herbs you can grow in Canada windowsill-style.


Mint can be easily grown indoors in any pot or planter. Mint grows quickly and it spreads. Containing it in a planter is a smart move. For the sake of your yard and garden, keep your mint indoors.


Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow. Chives will thrive in almost any conditions. They are perfect for a windowsill self-watering planter. Plant them and when they’re ready, snip them at the base.


Comparatively, basil is a challenge to grow for some. Basil can get large quickly. Not all varieties are like this though. Selecting a smaller type of basil is recommended for growing indoors. Otherwise, you may not have enough space in the planter.


Cilantro grows quickly and then they die. They are a fun herb to grow in a garden or planter. Ensure if you’re growing cilantro and you want to have some throughout the summer to plant seedlings every 2-3 weeks at intervals.

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Oregano is a herb that’s easy to grow from a cutting or it can be divided up and regrown seemingly again and again. Keep in mind the oregano you get from a windowsill planter will be fresher and a little milder than what you’re used to. Be sure to use your oregano while it’s fresh.


Rosemary is one of the best herbs to grow on a windowsill. It can grow by cuttings rather easily. A perennial, rosemary will help stabilize the soil and feed it and is perfect to grow alongside other herbs you may want to have.

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Parsley is a fun herb to grow and it comes relatively quickly. If you’re growing parsley from seed, make sure you soak it in warm water first. This will crack the seed open – something that you’ll need before planting.


Thyme is a highly adaptable herb. It can grow in a pot or planter as small as 4 inches across. Thyme, like other herbs, can be divided and grown in multiple planters or moved outdoors. Rosemary, sage, and thyme are all easy to propagate from cuttings.

Start here with these eight herbs. There are over a dozen other herbs, flowers, and types of greenery that can be grown on a windowsill with a self-watering planter. Start your gardening journey this year with Living.ca.

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