Why Use A Privacy Screen For Your Balcony

Whether you’re living in a home with your own yard or are on a condo balcony overlooking the cityscape, a privacy screen is the easiest way to have some privacy in an area that attracts attention.

What Is A Balcony Privacy Screen?

A balcony privacy screen is a lengthy piece of material that’s attached to the edges of your balcony railing on the inside. It is rolled around the perimeter. This creates a wall that you have visibility above but which obscures a sizeable part of what’s happening on your balcony.

There are many ways to create privacy on a balcony and alternatives to privacy screens, from building a privacy wall to setting up décor. The issue with these is that they either provide not enough privacy or way, way too much.

A balcony privacy screen sits just right. It’s also made for exactly that – to create privacy. Your balcony is itself a great place to enjoy the outdoors but when you feel like someone’s watching, it can be very uncomfortable. A privacy screen gives you that little extra, providing privacy instantly by rolling it out and attaching it.

What Are the Benefits of A Privacy Screen?

The obvious benefit of a privacy screen is that you get privacy without sacrificing the feel of a balcony.

You can still sit in the sunshine or underneath the sky, enjoy the fresh air, and partake in conversation or your favourite book. None of it’s impacted by a privacy screen.

All a privacy screen does is block visibility from the top of your railing down to the floor.

A balcony privacy screen can also dim some of the noise, helping to soundproof although this certainly isn’t going to eliminate all noise transfer.

They look stylish and are a much better alternative than hanging up a blanket or creating a makeshift privacy barrier from whatever materials you have.

What Balcony Privacy Screen Do You Buy?

There are many ways to create privacy on a balcony, from building a privacy wall to setting up décor. If you’re going to choose a balcony privacy screen, you’ll make it a lot easier to find privacy.

One of the best balcony privacy screens in Canada is made from 190 GSM heavy-duty fabric mesh. It has reinforced edges, is UV-resistant, and, perhaps most importantly, is easy to install. It doesn’t take much to have a successful privacy screen but if the material’s low quality or the design’s more of a hindrance than it is a feature, it’s trouble.

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