Tips on How to Clean Your Bedroom And Remove Clutter

Giving your bedroom a clean can take hours if you aren’t working efficiently and don’t have storage available to you. Creating the most relaxing, tidy bedroom for you, here is a cleaning checklist to hang onto.

Pick Up the Trash

Whether you eat snacks in bed or try to keep your room in tip-top shape, we all end up with garbage that needs to be taken out. For simple, everyday trash, have a wastebasket. You’ll be thankful to have it, even if it’s just filled with ripped-off tags from clothing and the occasional tissue.

Give Dirty Clothes A Place

Dirty clothes go in a multi-section clothes hamper that keeps darks and lights separate. Dirty clothes on the floor are filthy. Especially if you’re having a guest over, it’s a guaranteed turn-off seeing clothes strewn about the floor.

Strip Your Bed And Wash Blankets

Every night, your body comes in contact with your sheets, blankets, and pillow covers. Strip ‘em and wash ‘em. Ideally, you want to do this once a month. This will keep them smelling fresh, eliminating any bacteria or germs hanging about as well.

Work On Hidden Storage

‘Hidden storage’ is essentially converting something you need into a storage solution. For example, bedroom seating can be provided with a folding storage ottoman. A bedside table can be a storage drawer organizer unit.

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Consider Modular Cube Organizers

Modular cube organizers are portable, can be connected or used independently, and is an alternative to where to put your wardrobe if you don’t have a closet, cabinet, or shelves. If you aren’t interested in using modular cubes for clothing, it’s still storage space you can use in a bedroom.

Daily Habit Organizers

Daily habit organizers are things like jewelry storage, watch storage, and organizers that get assigned to an interest, hobby, or behaviour. It’s your bedroom. Chances are, you do things unique to you in your bedroom that may create messes. For anything from having an indoor garden to arts and crafts, look for bedroom storage organizers that can keep materials and waste contained.

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Spray And Wipe Surfaces

There are various surfaces in the bedroom that are very noticeable when they are messy. Nightstands, dressers, vanities, and desks should be sprayed and wiped with an all-natural all-purpose cleaner.

As you can tell with these bedroom cleaning tips, a lot of it comes down to having storage organizers and places to put your things. For what you don’t want to throw away or move out from your bedroom, if they look like they’re intentionally placed somewhere, suddenly it won’t look like it’s much of a mess anymore. Shop bedroom storage, bedroom organizers, and more at

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