Tips On How to Do Laundry Better

How hard is it to do laundry – not very! Maybe you’ve been doing your own laundry for years. Unfortunately, you may find sometimes things don’t turn out so well when you’re working on automatic and doing laundry like you’ve always done it. Here are a few tips on how to make laundry cleaner and fresher.

You Aren’t Tackling Stains

The best way to remove a stain in laundry is to tackle the stain quickly. Every minute, every hour, every day, it can worsen until it’s almost impossible to remove.

To remove a stain, soak your garment in cold water, apply a stain remover, and put it in the washer.

The Right Detergent For Laundry

How you shop for laundry detergent is usually searching for the best deal or buying what your parent used to. There is a whole science behind detergents though.

Powdered detergents are perfect for day-to-day laundry and are cheap, although they may not fully dissolve in cold temperatures and can leave white residue behind. Liquid detergents are recommended, with enzymes with better cleaning power.

How Much Detergent Do You Use

The biggest mistake anyone makes when doing laundry is that they use too much detergent.

It seems natural. The more detergent, the cleaner the clothes will be and the better smelling it will turn out. That’s not the case though. Too much detergent creates a lot of suds, can trap dirt and redeposit it on clothes, and can cause clothes to come out soaked in unnecessary amounts of soap. Try using half the recommended amount and see how it turns out. You may find that’s all you need.

You’re Not Sorting Your Clothes

Sort your dirty laundry in a multi-section hamper or put them in separate clothing baskets. Your whites can turn grey and colours can bleed. Especially in high-heat, this is common. Sort your clothes.

Water Temperature For Laundry

Cold, warm, or hot. The temperature you choose for your laundry is important.

‘Cold’ is for delicates, clothing that is at risk of shrinking from heat, and sensitive dark colours such as dark t-shirts which can bleed dye onto other materials in the wash. ‘Warm’ is for moderately soiled clothing and natural fabrics that could disintegrate under high-heat. Lastly, ‘hot’ should be restricted to bedding, towels, cotton whites, and any sort of strongly-stained clothing.

You’re Overloading Your Washer

When you overload your washer, you can cause all sorts of problems with drainage, detergent, and a lack of actually cleaning your clothes.

Be sure that you’re not overfilling your washer by accident. A hamper is all the more advantageous for this reason. It gives you a place to keep your dirty clothes while you wait to put in a second load.

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