6 Creative Ways to Use A Solar Water Fountain In Your Backyard

Water is a beauty. Active water fountains and the movement of water appears luxurious and natural in a backyard. If you’re looking for creative ideas to use water fountains and how to incorporate water into your landscaping, here are a few notes to review.

A Single Water Fountain

If you want something simple, buy a solar water fountain or solar fountain pump. Via solar technology, it powers itself and can be placed inside a water fountain of your design or preference. Fully submersible, it’s an inexpensive way to add some flair to your yard.

Create A Garden Fountain

A garden water bed is sure to attract dragonflies, potentially frogs, and birdlife. If you have a relatively large garden water area, incorporate a solar water fountain inside. Add some movement to the typical sense of calm that exists here.

Incorporate Small Ponds into Your Garden

Take planters and pots, and create small areas to put your solar fountain pump. You can easily integrate small areas for water fountains inside your garden so long as there’s adequate sun to power them.

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Build A Multi-Level Stream

Water running down multiple levels is a very natural and attractive visual. The drawback is a fountain needs a consistent supply of water for this to work. That said, you may create a multi-platform design and position a solar fountain pump in each. Done right, this creates a similar appearance but without the loss of water tumbling over the edge.

Symmetrical Pots

There’s no rule saying you can’t use two or more water fountains. They’re so cheap that it’s become an inexpensive way to make a property look more luxurious than it perhaps is.

Take two tall planters or pots and fill them with water. Place your solar water fountain towards the top, balancing the look two at a time. This sort of symmetry can make things look absolutely gorgeous.

Perimeter Landscaping Solar Fountains

If creating paired symmetrical looks with your water fountains isn’t your style, try a solar fountain lineup at your yard’s perimeter.

You can use this perimeter approach a few feet in front of decking, along a walkway, or to highlight a specific area of your backyard landscaping. With multiple solar water fountains, the arrangements you can create are limited only by your imagination.

Introduce water to your summer in new, creative ways. Feature it with affordably-priced solar fountains that do all the work for you. All you have to do is craft the look. From there, the solar fountains do the rest. Shop 3.5W submersible solar fountain pumps and other garden and backyard landscaping products today at Living.ca.

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