Do I Need A Salt Grinder?

The standard table salt we buy in-store isn’t always what’s best for our meals. A salt grinder creates new possibilities in the type of salt you use and exactly how much. For sea salt, a grinder can manufacture different sizes with ease.

For amateur chefs and those curious, here’s a little more on why a salt grinder for the kitchen makes sense.

What Is The Purpose Of A Salt Grinder?

A salt grinder is sort of like a pepper grinder. In a pepper grinder though, you crack open pepper corn and aroma is released. In a salt grinder, there’s no such phenomenon. That said, the OXO salt grinder has an immense purpose. It allows you to use less salt while somehow getting food to taste saltier.

It’s also mess-free, adjustable with ‘fine’ and ‘coarse’ settings, and the grinder itself is made with stainless steel.

How Will Salt From A Salt Grinder Impact My Food?

Analyzing the look of salt up close, we see standard table salt looks like clean, compact cubes. Dissolving this type of salt in liquid, standard table salt is perfect. That said, when salting foods, surface area is lost. A single side of the cube touches the food or your taste buds, resulting in people often having to use more salt in the long run.

Now, let’s look at what ground salt looks like. A salt grinder doesn’t cut salt in neat cubes, thankfully. They look like little shards of glass but this is actually a good thing. It means more of a salt’s surface area will touch down on food. This means a saltier taste with less salt.

You are spreading particles further across your area. This is the primary benefit of using a salt grinder.

What Kind of Salt Can You Put In A Salt Grinder?

You can take any variety of large-crystal salt and put it into your grinder to come up with thoroughly ground salt fresh and ready to use.

What this does ultimately – just like when you grind any sort of spice or pepper – is eliminates chunks, bits, and pieces that you don’t want dissolving in your food. More expensive salts aren’t always uniform in their size. Salt can also clump together in certain conditions. A salt grinder is a guarantee that you’re getting the highest quality salt on your meal and freshly done.

Shop kitchen accessories like the OXO salt grinder and others at today. Once you understand where and when to use it, you will up your game as a chef and impress those you are serving.

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