Top Cat Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

We love our cats. We do but they can be difficult to please. They certainly aren’t the easiest to keep happy but a few simple cat essentials can do a lot of good in keeping your kitty fully engaged, entertained, and feeling appreciated.

Cat Beds

Cat beds and cat hammocks stationed around the house give your cat a safe place to call their own. If you live on multiple floors, try a cat bed for each floor and preferably around where you enjoy hanging out. This will allow them to relax in the same room as you and feel like they’re protected. This is highly recommended for cats with anxiety disorders.

Motion Cat Toy

A motion cat toy occupies time, entertains your kitten, and allows them to fine-tune their predatory instinct in play. If your cat normally loses interest in toys, any sort of battery-driven movement or toy that’s in motion is sure to gain their attention.

Cat Eating Essentials

If you are busy and on-the-run with work and errands often, it can be beneficial to have an automatic pet feeder for cats or a cat water fountain. For cats that may need to eat or drink more, or cats being put on a diet, this is also a way to add some intrigue to the eating routine.

Pet Grooming Brush

A cat grooming brush can be a nice treat. Though they don’t shed like dogs and don’t need to be taken care of in that way, a brush gently across the length of their bodies is the equivalent of a cat massage.

Cat Treat Dispenser

A cat treat dispenser provides your kitty with something to play with and rewards them with a limited amount of treats. This allows you to count the number of treats you’re providing and eliminates the likelihood of them coming back to you begging for treats. They associate the toy with the treat.

Cat Litter Supplies

Your cat needs some place to do their peeing and pooping, like any pet. A litter box is that place. Ensure you invest in a high-quality litter scoop. That’s a must. What isn’t a must but which is extremely helpful is also litter liners. This makes cleaning up a litter box so much easier.

Cat Tree, Scratching Post, or Scratching Tower

A cat has got to sharpen their claws on something. Your furniture is a no-go, unless that’s your thing. Chances are, it’s not. A scratching post or scratching cat tree is often a cat’s favourite location to go play, get their exercise on, and work their claws.

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Treat your cat right and even though they’ll always go about their own business, they’ll always show you cuddles when you need it most. Trust us. Visit to pick up pet essentials in Canada and more for your favourite kitten.

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