Top Dog Essentials to Keep Your Puppy Fed, Happy, And Warm

From guardian dogs and farm dogs to small puppies and Chihuahuas, every canine deserves feelings of happiness, fun, and comfort. As your puppy grows older, there are a few key pet supplies you may want to pick up to ensure they’re feeling safe and kept in good health.

Dog Bed

Try to think of your dog as you. Could you make it through a full 24 hours without a bed to comfortably rest in at some point – neither can your pup! Have one or two dog beds set up to allow them somewhere that strictly belongs to them where they can rest, sleep, and lay.

Dog Mats

In summer, a cool gel dog mat – or in winter, a self-warming dog mat – can keep your canine shielded from the harsh temperatures around them that they may not be able to handle. For puppies and dogs of all sizes, a warming mat or cooling mat in the right circumstances can be a luxury.

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Dog Crates

Dog crates, playpen, and play cages are ideal for large and small dogs that you want to effectively train. A playpen cage can also be a nice area to set up outdoors for small dogs to maintain them inside a designated area without a leash, with supervision.

Dog Nail Clippers

Dogs will bite at their nails endlessly and sometimes to the point of injury if they aren’t groomed regularly. Dog nail clippers are an absolute must for every dog owner. We recommend nail clippers that are manual as opposed to electric, however, electric models do exist.

Chew Toys

Dogs need their chewing toys to aid them in keeping their teeth and gums clean. Remember, they’re not brushing every night. This creates a breeding ground for bacterial infection. This is where bad breath originates from. Try a dog chew toy. Above the health benefits, it’s also super fun for them to play with!

Dog Grooming Glove

Your dog is going to shed a lot of fur come summer. Don’t leave all that on them to fall off and clump together on your floor. Take your pet grooming glove and run it through their coat, encouraging them to shed their fur and also providing them a nice massage in the process.

Dog Hair Dryer

If you enjoy the thought of a dog grooming kit, a pet hair dryer may be an oft-forgotten yet luxurious component necessary to this experience. A hairdryer is great for after baths and is a relationship-building activity that allows you to show them some love while you dry their coat.

Automatic Dog Feeder

If unmonitored, large dogs can very easily eat too much. If you have a small dog, you have to ensure they’re eating enough as they can be underfed. Two separate issues. Both can be resolved with an automatic pet feeder and food dispenser which you can program for when you’re unavailable for feeding time.

Shop all these dog essentials at Keep them cool in the summer and warm in winter. Always fed. Always happy.

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