What to Pack For A 1-Week Vacation

So you’ve got a vacation booked or a business trip you need to be on. No matter why you’re travelling away from home, you don’t want to be out on the road or astray in another country without the necessities.

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If this is your first 1-week long trip, it’s key to know what you actually need and what you don’t. Some are obvious, a la bathroom necessities. Then, there are other things that can easily be forgotten, such as your USB charging cable. Here’s what we recommend packing for your vacation away from home.


The most obvious thing you will want to start with is your wardrobe. For the occasion, an appropriately styled outfit is needed. You will also want something you can lounge around in. If you intend to buy clothes when you’re there, you also have to take that into account when packing.

Shower Necessities

A lot of 7-piece luggage organizer sets come with waterproof bags or packing cubes. Fill one with your bathroom and shower necessities, a la shampoos and conditioners, nail clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, moisturizers and skincare products, and anything else you need.

Socks And Undergarments

Count your socks and undergarments correctly. Give yourself two extra pairs on both counts. Sometimes, a trip can be extended unexpectedly with flights getting cancelled and similar problems resulting in you needing some clean clothes. Be ready.

Electronic Accessories

We all have at least one electronic on us 24/7 – our smartphones. Anything else you’re bringing, ensure you have the right cables to charge and connect to power, and any additional accessories you may be using with it, i.e. external hard drives.

1 ‘Going Out’ Outfit

Always have one ‘going out’ outfit in your 1-week trip luggage organizer bag. For women, this can mean a nice dress. For men, a nice date-ready outfit works. You never know who you might meet, especially if you’re single. You want to be ready for any sort of outings that could come, personal or professional.

Extra Pair of Shoes

Unless you want to be caught without something to walk in, pack an extra pair of shoes for extended vacations. You never know when the pair you’re wearing will give out.

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