4 Reasons to Buy A PHAT Gym Mat in Canada

A home gym. They cost $100s, if not $1,000s to set up. A PHAT gym mat, however, is less than $40.

What you can do with a PHAT gym mat are dozens of workouts at home or from anywhere. Committing to weight loss, weight control, and gaining more strength, endurance, and coordination is a long-term investment. Here are 4 reasons why buying a PHAT gym mat is everything you need to put you on the right path.

You Can Work Out From Wherever You Are

A tri-fold gym mat is portable. It can be set up in a basement, taken up to your bedroom, put inside your car for road trips and traveling, and taken with you anywhere. It gives you the opportunity to exercise from wherever you are, no matter what’s on the ground and what environment you’re in.

A PHAT gym mat is thick, lightweight, and easy to carry. There isn’t a better reviewed gym mat available.

There Are Dozens of Workouts You Can Do

An exercise gym mat at home can be utilized to perform dozens of workout routines. From cardiovascular work like running in place to yoga, tai chi, aerobics, martial arts, and even bodyweight exercises, a mat can aid a ton in providing you a comfortable space to do these in.

This way, you always have a workout ready and waiting for you, even when the gyms are closed.

You Get Stronger Working Out From Home

When you commit, yes, you can get stronger workout out at home. At the gym, most people set their sights on the weights. Heavy weights are a major asset but they tend to help strengthen muscle groups and individual muscles. They do not work on ligaments, tendons, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The types of exercises you do at home does.

To ensure you’re getting the best of both worlds, commit to switching out a couple of gym workouts every week for a session at home on your mat.

You Take Away Your Excuses For Not Working Out

A fitness PU leather mat at home makes it easier than ever to work out. No more excuses. You don’t have to drive or walk anywhere. The exercise is right there waiting for you. So today you don’t have the time to work out – no problem! There is nothing stopping you from doing 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a big production.

Even for people who are rehabbing injuries, getting out on a gym mat and doing one or two exercises gets the blood flowing and that’s always a good thing.

Find high-quality fitness accessories from brand names like PHAT and others at Living.ca. Be responsible with your health. Set yourself up for success with a home gym that uses a mat and nothing more. No more excuses.

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