Is It Okay to Put Your Pet In A Backpack? – Read Here

Having a small dog and traveling long distances is a no-go for a lot of pet owners. A dog backpack is one possible workaround, allowing you to put your puppy in a carrying bag and transport them safely without forcing them to walk it.

There are a lot of high-quality breathable pet backpacks out there, perfect for dogs and cats alike. They are usually quite lightweight, durable, and with a hard base to give your pet a safe platform to stand on.

Even with the obvious benefit of a pet backpack, you may still be questioning whether it’s something your pet will enjoy.

Every Pet is Different But Here’s The Truth

A backpack is similar to a crate and any other pet carrier. If an animal has had negative experiences in the past with enclosures, having them in a pet backpack might not be an experience they like.

The memory of an average cat or dog is astounding. They remember. If they’ve gone through trauma and they feel like they are once again being locked into an enclosure where they can’t get out or move, it can bring up these same emotions when they’re inside a breathable backpack.

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That said, official pet backpacks are made for a pet to be comfortable and feel safe and protected in it. If there is no prior trauma based around these enclosures, it’s unlikely to cause anxiety or anything of this nature.

This also isn’t to say you can’t teach your pet to be comfortable in a backpack. The key is to provide them the space to feel safe in their backpack before you leave the house. Put them in before you open the door to leave. Turn it into a positive experience. Give them treats, for example. You may also introduce the concept of being in an enclosure to them in small increments, slowly building up the minutes over time.

Why Buy A Pet Backpack

There are a lot of reasons besides those already mentioned as to why you’d buy a pet backpack.

  • Keep your dog from dangerous dogs or threats on the ground.
  • Prevent your pet from overheating in the hot sun.
  • Protect your pet from the icy sidewalks in winter.
  • Avoid forcing your dog to walk long distances.
  • Take your pet with you to more places!

It’s not necessarily for every pet owner or every pet. It can take some dogs time to get accustomed to being in pet backpacks. For the pets who do get used to them, they’re a major help in taking your pet with you to a wide variety of places.

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