Why We Should Always Pick Up Dog Poop

Dog poop is biodegradable and is already Earth-friendly. Have you ever asked yourself, why even bother picking it up – well, that’s not as dumb a question as one might assume.

You’ve probably seen biodegradable dog poop bags occasionally left on the ground and sometimes overfilling a trash can in parks, walkways, and public settings. No matter where we venture, if it’s outside and a public space, eventually you will run into someone walking their puppy, dog, or a collection of canines and go reaching for a colorful dog poop bag. This is why.

It’s Polite

It’s the right thing to do by others. If no one picked up after their dog, you would have dog excrement filling walkways everywhere. This is hardly what anyone wants to look at, smell, or be around.

It’s Respectful To Your Neighbours

If you are out walking your dog and they poop on a neighbor’s lawn, it’s important to clean up after your friend. You don’t want to anger someone or cause conflict. If it’s your lawn and it doesn’t make a difference to you whether to leave it or not, that’s different. On another’s property, be respectful.

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It’s Not Bear Poop, Deep Poop, or Fox Poop

Why we use dog poop bags is because you aren’t dealing with the poop of a wild animal. It’s not filled with Earth-friendly nutrients that are going to help trees, food, and plants flourish. Dog poop is protein and added nutrients with very little to give back to the soil. In fact, leaving behind dog poop is essentially the equivalent of polluting.

You Threaten the Ecosystem

Pet waste adds nitrogen and phosphorus to an ecosystem that creates instability through accumulation in rivers, lakes, streams, and more. In Canada alone, there are roughly 8.3 million pet dogs. Every year, they produce about 2.2 billion pounds of feces. That’s a lot of added nutrients that we don’t want flowing back into the natural environment.

It Takes A Long Time to Break Down

If there ever was a reason to buy biodegradable dog poop bags online, it’s that dog waste can take up to 1 year to break down in soil. This is way, way too long. In the interim, waste will contaminate soil, water, and more.

You Can Spread Disease

Sometimes dog waste can have in it parasites, bacteria, and things like E. coli and salmonella. Harmful to other dogs, pets, and humans, you can end up getting other dogs sick from leaving behind poop.

By picking up after your dog, you not only keep your dog safe but you protect other dogs, the environment, and your fellow man from sickness and harm. Shop dog accessories and biodegradable unscented waste bags today at Living.ca.

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