Does An Electronic Facial Pore Cleanser Work? – Read Here

Blackheads. Everyone has them. They burrow into pores and there, they sit waiting to be extracted. An electronic facial pore cleanser is all about cleaning those pores and safely removing blackheads.

Sometimes referred to as an electric facial pore cleanser or pore vacuum, a pro-grade spa gadget targets pores more than it does cleaning out blackheads per se. A pore cleanser is effective at removing oil and gunk from one’s pores. However, it will not make your skin miraculously appear younger and smoother. Despite very satisfying results and doing what it promises, it’s not the be-all, end-all to skincare.

How Do Electronic Pore Cleansers Work?

An electronic pore cleanser is a handheld device. It suctions the skin, releasing keratin plugs aka blackheads.

All that blackheads are are keratin plugs, aka clusters of skin cells mixed with dirt, sebum, and oil. When these materials oxidize, what once appeared clear now appears dark hence the name.

In spas, processes like hydra-facials are used as a pore and blackhead treatment. This is an expensive treatment though and can be rough on the skin. A pore vacuum or electronic pore cleanser is available for under $30 and does the same work except you pay once, keep it at home, and can use it whenever you like.

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How Do You Use A Pore Vacuum?

  • Wash your face with a deep cleanser. An alternative to this is to steam your face. This loosens any blackheads and other debris, destabilizing them and prepping for full-on removal.
  • After drying your face, pick up your pore vacuum. Choose your sucker head. Choose a suction level that you’re comfortable with. There are a lot of ways to customize a pore cleanser experience according to what your skin can tolerate and what you’re comfortable with.
  • Turn your electronic pore cleanser on and gently place it on an affected area. Target visibly clogged pores. Move it along in smooth, elongated patterns. Do not leave it on a spot for too long. Keep it moving. Do this for a minute or so.

That is how you use a pore vacuum. It’s super easy to do. After you’re done, you may see the debris collected on the nozzle. That’s a sign it worked! Clean this. Sanitize it with alcohol and you’re done.

For the sake of your skin, you may also wish to apply a non-oily moisturizer afterward to begin rehabilitating and repairing the areas you’ve tackled with your pore vacuum.

Try not to use an electronic facial pore cleanser more than once a week. Your skin needs some time to rest up.

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