Solar LED Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Deck, Patio, And Backyard

Summer’s here. Your outdoor space is ready for visitors. When the sun goes down, how you use lighting to keep your deck, patio, or backyard lit will be key to keeping people there, enjoying themselves, and making memories.

Here is your guide on how to light your deck, with ideas for solar LED lights and more.

Full Deck Lighting

A simple approach to lighting is to light the whole of a deck or patio. This is practical and emphasizes safety. Especially if you have multiple steps, you want to ensure people can see. However, you sacrifice a little bit of style by blanketing a space with LEDs.

Solar Railing Lights

Solar deck LED lights that fit onto a railing, fence, or wall is a discreet way to brighten up dark areas of a deck or patio. You can also blend in other outdoor décor items such as plants to emphasize under the light.

Any Difficult Walkways

Steps have to be lit. Pathways leading out from your patio have to be lit as well. At night, lights guide guests and make it safe as people can see where they’re going. Look around for safety hazards.

Consider where to best place lighting to not only provide ambiance but to also be safe.

Outdoor Pathway LED Stake Lights

For backyards where there are paths you want your guests to follow or to light up the yard perimeter, try outdoor LED pathway stake lights. These dig into the ground and use solar energy. Wiring is unnecessary. They’re simple and quick to install and maintain a wonderful cool glow throughout the night.

In-Stair LED Lights

If you don’t have to minimize the space you use with stair lighting, try in-stair LED lights. They fit underneath each step and shine light out on the step in front of it. A walk up or down stairs is much easier with integrated lighting such as this.

String Lights In Key Gathering Spots

Try some solar LED Edison Bulb string lights hung around gathering areas. Warm and charming, Edison Bulb string lights gather the eye and offer stylish outdoor feels. If you use a patio umbrella during the day to block out the sun, this is a perfect spot to hang some LED string lights at night.

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In-Floor LED Lighting

A less popular option though still feasible is in-floor rights. For decks that really don’t have any space, use your floor. Mount lights into the deck’s surface and they’ll provide a diffused glow outlining certain areas or the perimeter which is where they are most often placed.

These aren’t the only solar LED light configurations for decks and backyards that there are. Be creative! Visit today to check out a range of LED lights, solar lights, and deck lighting ideas.

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