Fun Backyard Pool Accessories For The Family to Enjoy This Summer

Last summer, it was all about staying indoors. This summer, there’s going to be a lot of backyard get-togethers, BBQs, gathering around the pool, and lots of family time. It’s a special season, perhaps the first in Canada with significant vaccinations having been completed. If you’re planning on ways to celebrate at home with your family around the pool, check out these hot summer pool accessories for kids, family, and friends.

Squirt Gun

You can’t have a pool party without someone with a water gun. A deluxe water squirt gun is fun for kids and adults alike.

Float Pool Party Shapes

Summer beach inflatable floats are what so many think of when they think of pool fun. These inflatables come in all sorts of shapes, from unicorns to watermelons, mermaid tails, pizza slice, flamingo, giant donut, and tropical beverage. Pick yours.

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Water Balloon Filling Station

Nothing beats a water balloon fight. A water balloon filling station from comes with 250 balloons already packed in. It makes filling water balloons so easy and something you can do from anywhere.

Swim Ring LED Flashing Light Inflatable

An LED flashing inflatable swim ring is the ultimate floatie for an adult. Pull it out at night and brighten up the pool with a flashing, glow-in-the-dark style inflatable.

Designer Beach Ball

A designer beach ball gives you something to knock around by the pool or in it that’s safe and easy. If you’re planning on throwing a pool party this summer, this is definitely one of those necessities you want to have ready to pull out and in the yard.

Universal Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

Just a quick note here. If you’re going to be around a pool, don’t leave your phone out to be exposed to a splash or to be accidentally knocked into a wet spot. Put it in a universal phone pouch and protect it from water, snow, dust, mud, or whatever else you’re contending with.

Baby Inflatable Safety Vest

If you’re introducing your child to water for the first time or just for some added safety assurance, consider a baby inflatable safety vest that works like a life jacket would or, for slightly older children, inflatable arm bands.

Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Mat

Even if you don’t have space for a pool, you don’t have to rule out water fun for kids. Set up an inflatable splash sprinkler mat and let your kids run through the water, enjoying their summertime away.

Kids Diving Mask And Snorkel

A diving mask and snorkel for kids is a fun way to allow them to explore under water. You can even turn it into a game by putting rocks or loose change in the pool – assuming it’s a shallow pool – and having the kids search out what you’ve dropped in using their mask and snorkel set.

Shop all these fun backyard pool accessories for family and friends at today and get them just in time for your next summer bash.

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