How Often Do You Sharpen A Kitchen Knife? – Read here

An underrated tool in a chef’s arsenal is the kitchen knife. Amateurs take it for granted but professional chefs will tell you that a knife is central to food prep and cooking. This is why knives can easily cost upwards of $100 and more.

A sharp knife is a tool that cuts quickly. How often you sharpen a knife is an important question.

How Long Will A Knife Last?

A properly-made kitchen knife that is sharpened regularly can last well beyond a decade, although this requires routine sharpenings and straightenings.

How Often Do You Sharpen A Knife?

A kitchen knife should be sharpened once every 2-3 months. You can do this with a premium professional electric knife sharpener at home. You don’t have to bring your knife anywhere. This will be enough to maintain your knife and ensure it continues to cut well.

What Impact Does A Dishwasher Have On A Knife?

Though it’s easy to toss a knife into the dishwasher, you put it under high heat and pressure. It damages the blade and will cause the knife to dull faster thereby requiring more sharpening beyond what’s already recommended.

How Do You Clean A High-Quality Knife?

If you can’t put a knife in a dishwasher, the next best thing to do is to rinse it off with warm water after it’s used. Don’t wait. Rinse off any debris and give it a thorough wash under water before drying it and putting your knife back into storage.

Does A Knife Holder Have Any Effect On A Sharp Knife?

A knife holder isn’t really to keep the blades sharp. It’s to protect the knife from injuring someone else. It’s also a nice way to keep knives in storage when they’re not in use.

How Do You Sharpen A Kitchen Knife?

How to sharpen a kitchen knife with an electric knife sharpener is easy. Put your knife in the sharpener slot. Then, pull it backward 3-5 times. That’s all you need. This will create 15 and 20-degree edges, taking a dull blade to a sharp one.

What’s the Best Knife Sharpener to Buy For Home?

A knife sharpener isn’t a lot of money but do search out a professional-grade model. Some sharpeners are multi-use and others are not. An electric knife sharpener is also usually preferred over a manual one. This makes it easier to restore a blade without putting in a lot of muscle work.

If you pride yourself on your kitchen skills, ensure you have an electric knife sharpener in your drawer. Buy a kitchen knife sharpener and other kitchen accessories from today.

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