When Do You Start to Shampoo A Baby’s Hair? – Read here

You may see products like baby shampoo, body wash for babies and newborns, and other cleaning essentials specifically made for babies on shelves at stores like Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and elsewhere.

When do you start to use shampoo and other cleaners on your newborn – here’s the truth about baby cleaning products.

Does A Newborn Need Shampoo?

A newborn isn’t going to get very dirty. You don’t need to use newborn shampoo often, if at all. When possible, water’s preferred. Any sort of natural-based shampoo is better as certain ingredients can damage the delicate skin of a baby.

Some babies may also have eczema or certain skin conditions that are made worse with shampoos, conditioners, and soaps so one has to be careful what they use on their newborn or baby.

If you notice any reaction or the developing of a skin condition, cease using a product. A lot of scented products tend to irritate the skin and cause reactions. If you use too much of a safe shampoo for babies, this can also cause dry skin.

Why Babies Need Their Own Shampoo

We don’t think of shampoos as strong but to a baby’s skin, they are. A baby doesn’t have any body odor to contend with, their hair doesn’t get greasy, and they’re generally in pretty good health compared to the average adult.

In a lot of cases, some water or a soft oil or moisturizer is everything you need to wash and condition a baby’s hair.

That said, babies will still occasionally and eventually need their own shampoo. Why baby shampoo exists is because it has to be gentle. Use it sparingly but when you do use it, ensure a baby shampoo isn’t damaging their skin or causing a reaction.

What is the Best Baby Shampoo to Buy?

An all-natural baby shampoo specifically for babies and newborns is what to look for. Any chemical contaminants are excluded from these products and you also often get natural ingredients that are filled with antioxidants and health benefits.

Attitude shampoo and body wash for newborns is perfect for this. They make it from blueberry leaf. It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested for baby skin. There are also no artificial perfumes or scents used in it.

Attitude isn’t the only eco-friendly baby shampoo brand out there but they are one of the best. Shop baby shampoos, baby body wash products, and other hypoallergenic baby essentials at Living.ca.

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