Where Do You Put An Accent Table? – Read here

Accent tables make for a nice accessory to any room and they are as stylish as they are functional. They are often small, easy to fit, and can be used in pairs or individually. On top of accent tables, you can put anything from a TV remote control to a lamp, book, charging smartphone, and more.

Accent tables have a lot going for them. If you’re looking for what type of accent table is right for your household, consider where you’re putting the table and what that room’s home décor represents.

Complementing your main furniture, an accent table is usually not the centerpiece but contributes a lot. It doesn’t establish a décor theme. It blends into one already stated. This is central to deciding on what to do with an accent table.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use accent tables in your home décor layout, here are some trendy accent table ideas to use as inspiration.

Take Your Accent Table Bedside

Bedside tables form their own category. That said, accent tables can make bedside tables no problem. Though a fairly standard table placement idea, it’s somewhere you can place a smartphone overnight or your favourite book to read as you fall asleep.

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Dark Corners

A dark corner. Every home has them. Nothing quite fits there naturally. Even the light may seemingly want to avoid it. A dark or uninteresting corner is an excellent location for a stylish accent table. You can add a lot of visual interest that can be expanded upon with additional home décor accessories.

By Your Entranceway

As we come into the house, we often need somewhere to put our keys while we take off our footwear. An accent table is perfect for this! You can also put some décor here like a photo or items you don’t want to forget before you leave for the day.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

The most common way to an accent table is in your living room or entertainment space. An accent table immediately beside a couch or as a visual connector between two pieces of furniture is how it’s done. When in doubt, fall back on the basics.

Next to Something With Height

An accent table is nice visual accompaniment next to a tall bookcase, a tall artificial plant, a home entertainment center, or something similar. Large décor in a room is often clustered together, with an accent table being a great way to smooth out the look of a kitchen, home theater area, living room, or bedroom.

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