How You Can Have A Garden In A Small Space

Small, cluttered rooms are hard to manage sometimes. There’s so much you want to have but there’s just not enough space. It’s hard. During the summer months, no one feels this pinch more than a gardener does.

Any gardener who rents an apartment or condo, or who lives in a city, they know that space is limited.

Some don’t even have a yard, deck, or balcony to use for plants. Even if you don’t have the gardening space available where you live, this doesn’t mean you can’t have some version of a garden.

Look up. Look down. A lot of places have tons of vertical space that goes unused. Home décor minimalism has almost dictated to condo dwellers and amateur décor experts to leave the vertical area unused. Take advantage of this! Build for yourself a vertical garden.

What Is A Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden is a garden that is set up vertically as opposed to horizontally. Take a garden bed and then picture it on its side so that you have the same space in a flat bed as you do standing up from top to bottom. In a sense, that’s a vertical garden.

Obviously, you don’t want to just turn a garden bed on its side. All the soil will tumble out. Messy! Instead, invest in a raised vertical garden bed.

This way, you build your vertical garden in a collection of containers that are set up almost like a series of stairs. You can plant in each elongated container your favourite mix of veggies, flowers, herbs, and greenery, and grow everything like that.

A beauty about having a vertical garden bed is that when you water, the water travels downward. You end up watering a ton of plants in the most efficient way possible.

If you do have a balcony or deck, this really maximizes the space and allows you to grow any small to average-sized plant from spring to fall. This is a sure way to get some free vegetables, herbs, and even some fruits if you decide to plant some strawberries.

A freestanding vertical garden bed like this can also be used indoors by a large window. Many condos are known to have floor-to-ceiling windows. Why not use them. Put your vertical garden planters right up next to the window so that they can catch all the sun that comes down throughout the day.

All of this goes to show, even with a small space, a garden is possible. You can make it work without compromise so long as you have the time to water, the sun available to you, and somewhere to put a vertical rack of containers.

Visit today to shop easy-to-assemble vertical gardens, pots and planters, and other gardening accessories that can make your indoor or outdoor garden absolutely extraordinary!

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