Benefits Of Indoor Plants At Home

Having an indoor plant in your OXO planter not only spices up the home décor layout but contributes some serious benefits.

You may be saying to yourself if you’ve never had a houseplant before, “Why would I want a plant? Sure, they’re beautiful. They take up space though. They can be a distraction and eventually die. They don’t sit well with my existing décor theme. There’s also a responsibility to maintain them.”

Hear us out though. Here are the benefits of having a plant. Read this. Think twice. Consider a plant for spaces like your bedroom, home office, kitchen counter, bathroom, or even in an entranceway or hallway. It doesn’t have to be lush or with lots of foliage. Even one small plant inside of a planter can change the way a room feels.

Lower Stress

The most acclaimed benefit of indoor plants is their ability to lower stress and anxiety. A number of studies demonstrate how plants in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and/or offices reduce anxieties and stress.

Improve Concentration

An additional benefit that supports the use of plants in home offices and public offices is their ability to help with focus and concentration. Work productivity has been shown to increase when there are plants around.

Indoor Plants Can Be Easy To Care For

A plant like a succulent barely needs your attention to survive. Then, there are others more fickle requiring a certain amount of light, water, and temperature at all times. Amazingly though, real plants exist that are very hands-off meaning you don’t need to do much work to have them.

Improves Mood

Houseplants in an OXO planter really liven up to space. Mood increases. There is something about nature that is inherently pleasing to most human beings. At a subconscious level, a lot of us appreciate and desire nature and when it’s around, we are thereby happier to have it.

Reduce Fatigue

When you buy a planter online, you’re probably not thinking that it’s going to impact energy levels. A plant can actually reduce fatigue in some individuals. Although the experience isn’t identical for everyone, some will find their fatigue is significantly reduced.

Improve Air Quality

Many plants used indoors cycle through carbon dioxide and create oxygen from it. This immediately improves air quality and can help add a certain freshness to a bedroom, for example.

These are the benefits of plants. They’re an excellent hobby to get into and a healthy form of home décor. Check out high-quality planters, indoor garden accessories, artificial plants, and more, and buy them online today at

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