What Are The Prettiest Faux Flowers For Home Décor? – See Here

Explosions of color. Gradients that inspire. Penetration, deep natural tones that you go to bed remembering.

All of these are excellent ways to describe the use of flowers in home décor. Artificial or real, there is something extraordinary about even a single flower placed in a friendly location.

But what flower do you pick for your home décor style – check this out! Here is our list of the top trendy faux flowers in 2021 perfect for placement inside almost any style aesthetic. From hydrangea to roses, here are our favourites.


An artificial allium flower is a unique mix of whites and greens that look exquisite placed in a vase. As a tidy clump of neutral-toned green décor, it’s a beautiful faux flower to have in bloom in a summer kitchen.

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Ah, yes. An artificial rose is a classic. Roses come in so many varieties. Color-wise, it’s a wide palette. A collection of roses looks luxurious and pristine next to almost any home décor. A Cinderella rose is a great choice, with its combination of white, beige, pink, and red wrapped through every pedal.

Tiger Lily

An artificial tiger lily is a very sophisticated choice for a fake flower. The colors range from white through to yellow, green, and a reddish-brown. They’re a very beguiling flower, known for characteristically long stalks and lightweight leaves.

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An artificial garden tulip looks like it was just plucked from a garden. It is another stunning faux flower choice, stunning spring through fall. Tulips are known to be spring-blooming and so if a homeowner wants to maintain a sense of realism, taking out your artificial tulips before the summertime really hits up is recommended.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid

An artificial phalaenopsis orchid flower is also known as a moth orchid. It carries on it thick purple leaves with arching blooms that bring out a lot of color. They are the perfect addition to a romantic bedroom. Moth orchids are one of the most common orchids you can have.

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An artificial hydrangea flower is a stunning purple and pink shrub. The name itself means ‘water vessel’. They are a proven showstopper in gardens across Canada and a proper artificial hydrangea’s sure to knock your socks off indoors.

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If you love the look of flowers, take that into your home décor. Artificial flowers are reliable and long-lasting. You won’t regret buying faux flowers online, including some of your favourites, to appreciate year-round regardless of the climate conditions. Shop high-quality fake flowers at ShopperPlus.ca today.

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