Top Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Backyard

On days when you want to keep your kids close to home, fortunately, there is lots to do in your very own backyard. From water fun to BBQs, a backyard camping trip, and other activities the whole family can enjoy, here are some fun summer ideas for you to consider.

Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon filling station makes it easy to fill up dozens of balloons and toss them in boxes, baskets, and piles to ready for a full-on battle in your backyard. If you have a lot of kids in the neighborhood who know each other, this can be a nice way to bring everyone together and make a summer memory.

Inflatable Dragstrip Water Slide

If you’ve got a big yard length-wise, use it! Try out an inflatable dragstrip water slide and give your children something else other than a pool to partake in. This will help entertain them and encourage them to invite their friends over to have fun in the water as well.

Outdoor Backyard Party

Throw a summer party for family and friends with premium plastic party tableware minimizing cleanup afterward. If you know there’s a birthday coming up or a similar celebratory event, plan ahead.

Do A Little Camping In Your Backyard

If you don’t mind braving the elements at home, doing some backyard camping is a fulfilling adventure perfect for kids at any age. You can get as bare-bones or elaborate as you like, so long as you have the space to set up a tent.

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Have A Backyard BBQ

Summer is primetime for a BBQ. There’s a lot of unique fun BBQ accessories out there but if affordability’s your main priority, you can stick with a heavy-duty BBQ grilling tools set and not require much more than that other than the BBQ itself. Propane or charcoal – it’s your choice!

How Are You Going To Spend Your Summer?

This will be the first summer with COVID-19 vaccines in circulation widely across the country. Although caution will still be key, there’s a lot more activity ongoing this year compared to last.

Even though a lot of us want to get out, take in our surroundings, travel, and enjoy the things missed out on last year, having a few reliable go-tos for backyard fun is helpful on days when there’s no transportation or when you just want to keep things closer to home as a parent.

Visit this season to pick up your summer essentials and save a few bucks in the process.

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