Should I Buy A Hands-Free Dog Leash? – Read Here

A hands-free dog leash is an appealing product. It allows you to attach your canine friend to waist-height, keeping your arms free to do what you want with them. It’s a way to take dogs running, jogging, or on a brisk walk, taking some of the focus off them and allowing you more movement.

Now there are lots of dog leashes on the market. Some are retractable. Others are built for accommodating multiple puppies. There is certainly a time and place for that. In this article, discover what makes a hands-free dog leash so special and why they are increasingly the preference among dog owners and even some professional dog walkers and dog trainers.

Is A Hands-Free Dog Leash Safe?

Any leash can be unsafe in the hands of someone who isn’t being attentive to their immediate situation.

Have you ever seen dogs get tangled in their leashes – yeah, that’s definitely a worry. Hands-free leashes, fortunately, are built with a shock-absorbing bungee. If the worst happens and your puppy gets themselves a little tangled or jets out in an unexpected direction, it won’t be a jerk backward. A bungee is a little safer.

When you need to, you can also unbuckle the leash and use it as a regular leash with a loop on the end to put your wrist through. This gives you the best of both worlds – a durable dog leash combined with adaptable around-the-waist functionality.

Who Are Hands-Free Dog Leashes For?

  • This type of dog leash is used mainly by joggers and walkers who want to maintain their running form while also walking their dog.
  • If you have a shoulder injury or back pain, or routinely injure these areas from a walk, attaching the leash around your waist can hopefully relieve some of that risk and discomfort.
  • For pet owners with a dog who likes to run off or chase animals, a hands-free dog leash guarantees your dog gets pulled back by the bungee instead of relying on one’s own reaction time.
  • If you are exploring a new area, such as going on a hike in a new part of the woods, a leashed dog limits their movement and can prevent a sudden run-off, a slip-and-fall, or worse. For these types of adventures, also remember that a hands-free dog leash isn’t difficult to unclip. You can let them run free, clip them for a bit, and on and on.
  • A hands-free dog leash can be used by anyone with mobility issues, such as those in wheelchairs or in similar conditions where there’s uncertainty about holding a dog at the wrist.

Visit today to check out all sorts of pet supplies, including a hands-free dog leash complete with adjustable waist belt and shock-absorbing bungee. It’s a win-win, for dog and dog owner.

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