What Is It Like Wearing A Bug Jacket? – Read Here

We have all seen them. Bug jackets. Bug vests. Anti-mosquito suits. They are worn out in the wilderness, while camping, and in different environments where the risk of a mosquito bite is exceptionally high.

The thing about them is, to most people, they look a little silly. Draping yourself in a ton of anti-mosquito netting isn’t very appealing and can look uncomfortable. Surprisingly to some though, this isn’t the usual experience wearing one of these.

How Do You Wear A Bug Jacket?

The bug jacket we have is one of the best in Canada. It is made from Coleman, a top brand in camping accessories and outdoor living.

Available in small, medium, or large, you choose your size. There is a zipper at the neck and an elasticized drawstring at the waist and cuffs. This seals the upper body, neck, and head inside effectively preventing any mosquito biting.

The reason why this bug vest suit doesn’t extend down to the legs and feet are because it’s assumed these areas are already fully covered with pants and shoes.

Does A Bug Jacket Work?

So long it’s being worn correctly, there is no way a bug is flying through and going to get to you. For people who really do not like mosquitoes, a bug jacket is the ultimate prevention from mosquitoes as well as other problematic bugs such as black flies, sand fleas, ticks, deer flies, and more.

You may be concerned about how it feels on the skin and being worn. It’s not the least bit uncomfortable. Trust us. After about ten minutes, you can forget you’re even wearing it. It’s incredibly light and is a far better alternative than dressing yourself up head to toe in heavy material. This in and of itself won’t work to keep bugs away, either. Material doesn’t necessarily block bites. The only way to know reliably you aren’t going to get bitten is with a quality bug jacket.

  • Wear it on nature hikes to protect yourself against tick bites.
  • Wear it in the park or on a family picnic to protect against fly bites.
  • Wear it while walking your dog to guard against bug bites for yourself.
  • Wear it while you’re out in your garden or backyard and in a vulnerable position for bug bites.
  • Wear yours while camping!

If you are looking for the best bug jacket in Canada, visit ShopperPlus.ca and check out the Coleman-brand jacket. You won’t regret slipping this one on any time you feel at risk or uncomfortable in an environment where a bug bite seems inevitable. Shop with us today.

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