5 Ways To Make Your Backyard More Fun, Relaxing, And Summer-Friendly

How can you have the best summer in your very own backyard – well, it doesn’t happen by accident.

A lot of us take for granted the space we have. Those of us with backyards often leave much of this area unused. Spring, fall, or winter, there’s nothing wrong with that. Summer though, the weather’s nice, people are out, and it’s really a time to make some memories.

Especially if you have kids, you don’t want them stuck inside the house watching TV, playing games, and smartphone-ing it up. There will be plenty of time for that come rainy days and autumn.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your backyard to make it feel a little more fun and relaxing.

Install A Hammock Chair

A hammock swing rope chair gives you somewhere comfortable to relax and read a book hopefully in some shade. If you’ve got a big tree in your backyard or something heavy to use as an anchor, this is a great gift to your property.

The hammock chair from ShopperPlus.ca holds up to 265 lbs., is easy to relocate, and is suitable for all ages.

Build A Campfire

Most neighborhoods have some pretty hefty regulations around campfires. That said, if it’s possible, nothing is more fun in summer than gathering around a fire in portable folding chairs and telling stories and connecting with others.

Even if a campfire isn’t possible, try to find some way to encourage early evening or nighttime gatherings outside.

Set Up Some Solar LED Lights

An underrated element of outdoor property design is lighting. A set of solar LED lights can light pathways, gardens, and more. They are designed to be placed in the ground stake-style, although you can use them in any way you desire.

Totally solar-powered means they do not require any charging or wire. Buy as many as you like and place them in fun arrangements.

Have A BBQ For Friends

BBQs are great for gathering with family and friends. It’s free food to those invited! Be careful in discussing what foods are appropriate for each person. For example, vegans and vegetarians may have their own accommodations. Be open and respectful.

There are plenty of BBQ accessories to choose from. The taste of BBQ foods in summer is so delicious too. Yum!

Start A Portable Mini Greenhouse

Not all of us have big garden spaces. That doesn’t mean you can’t start some seedlings, a la herbs, vegetables, flowers, and some basic greenery. A portable mini greenhouse can fit anywhere and provides you with a way to learn more about growing veggies.

If you’re interested in building a self-sustainable property or have always been interested in gardening, here’s a way to throw yourself into it.

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