Does A Baby Need A Play Mat?

Baby mats keep a baby safe. They’re fun. They’re colorful. Are they really needed though – the answer is not really. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a fun gift to buy your tiny fellow or cuddly companion.

What Is A Baby Play Mat?

A baby play mat is a large thick-foam crawling mat. Babies under two years of age use them to train their vision, learn about shapes and sizes, and to gain cognitive awareness and the differences in simple concepts like color.

What Are The Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat?

A baby with a play mat is a happy baby.

Beyond that, a play mat is a way to protect your baby while also being a learning opportunity for them.

  • If you have a wood or tile floor, that’s a hard surface for a baby to have a tumble on. A thick baby play mat can help somewhat protect them if they start to walk or crawl and accidentally fall.
  • They are known to foster cognitive development, helping your baby recognize circles, cause-and-effect, coordination, and visual stimuli. It’s a safe space to learn these things and to play with toys that teach a lot of the same tools.
  • A baby crawling around on a mat is learning all sorts of things about how to coordinate their eyes, hands, feet, and full-body. They’re also learning how to use their vision, coordinating that with other movements. A play mat is a very safe area to do that.
  • There is also some gross motor development happening. On their play mat, a baby uses their arms, legs, hands, neck, and torso to move around. This is building muscle for them and will support them later on as they learn to walk.

What Is The Best Baby Play Mat?

There are all sorts of baby mats on the market. A few key features to look for are to find one waterproof and non-toxic.

The waterproof is to make it easy to clean if there is an unexpected mess (and there always eventually is!) and the non-toxic is to ensure your baby’s not exposed to any unhealthy or dangerous materials that they could ingest or pose a threat to their sensitive health.

Add to that the ability to fold it up and to make it portable, and those three things ultimately are what make up the best baby mat in 2021.

Give your baby the chance to roam, play, and learn. Buying a baby play mat puts them in the right state of mind on what’s hopefully a thick, non-toxic area. Check out all your best baby essentials from today and stock up on items to foster your baby’s long-term development.

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