How Do I Throw The Best Party At Home?

Parties thrown at home are the best parties. One has full control of everything – the food, the music, the atmosphere. While this is great, it can be overwhelming and stressful to plan. Throwing a party is more than just having the best party supplies. Being able to plan ahead ensures this party and the next will be successful.

The Basics Of An At Home Party

The first step in planning the best party is making the perfect guest list long before you start decorating for a party.

Invite your friends but also remember to include a variety of people. Invite new and interesting people who may not be well known to you or some of your close friends. Ensure that friends only bring their friends, then your house won’t be filled with a bunch of random people.

We all know that people function at different levels when it comes to the time to show up. There are some friends who are great at showing up on time, while there are others who will be late every time. Suggest the time accordingly to each of your friends, then everyone should be there around the same time.

Also, another party planning idea to use is to plan the party around a specific theme. This can help get people hyped and excited ahead of time. It is also a good conversation starter at the party.

Throwing A Great At Home Party

Make sure you help create a great atmosphere with a fun playlist. Have it on before the guests arrive to help set the tone. This can also help prevent people from trying to become a personal DJ.

If you are having alcohol at your party, be sure not to have too much. The host should be helping direct and energize the party. How to host a great party is an art and something you have to prepare for.

Get everyone dancing, play a game, or do something to get the energy going. As the host, be sure to make introductions and get your guests talking to each other.

Make sure to lock rooms you don’t want your guests to be in, and have a lock on the bathroom so people don’t walk in on someone who’s already in there.

Be sure to have an exit plan. Some guests will stay well beyond the time they are welcome. Find subtle ways to hint to those guests it is time for them to head out.

Finally, be sure to enjoy the party. Be involved, have conversations with new people, and enjoy the satisfaction of throwing the party. You deserve it!

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