How LED Lights Can Improve Safety In A Warehouse Or Industrial Setting

Safety is a necessity in any high-efficiency industrial work environment or warehouse. Have a facility properly lit is a key strategy in reducing accidents and addressing dangers around heavy equipment use and material handling.

LED high bay lights maintain safety in a number of ways. Here is how LED industrial lighting can help.

Improve Visibility

LED lights emit a bright white light. Compared to old-style HPS lighting with its unnatural orange colors, a worker can distinguish scenery faster and more accurately under LED lighting thereby leading to faster and more sound safety decisions.

Unlike other forms of work lighting, you don’t need supplemental lighting when you’re working with LEDs.

Reduce Fatigue

Fatigue can sometimes set in during a long shift. When we’re tired, we aren’t as engaged and reaction time increases. Workers become less likely to be able to avoid hazards and are more prone to accidents.

LED high bay lights provide daylight levels of illumination, reducing workplace fatigue and encouraging alertness.

Reduce Toxicity

An alternative to LED lights is HPS. If an HPS bulb breaks, 10-15mg of mercury is released into the environment around you. This exposure could result in nausea, vomiting, and other potentially serious health problems.

Should an industrial LED light break – which in most cases is very, very difficult to do if it’s a truly industrial-grade LED light socket – there are no toxins and there is no environmental damage caused.

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Avoid Obstacles

Poor lighting can mean workers not being able to see where obstacles are and tripping. Even when not serious, a trip can result in lost time and productivity.

Properly installed warehouse LED lights also cut down on the use of extension cords, portable lighting, flashlights, and compromising productivity to add more lighting to certain parts of the industrial workplace that should be properly lit in the first place.

Reduce Fall Risk

Slips and falls from an elevated height are one of the top safety concerns in the workplace. LED lights are bright enough to adequately light almost any workplace, when placed at the correct height.

Upgrading to LED lights also means a longer lifespan from the bulb and less maintenance. You don’t have to get up so high to change the lights, reducing the risk of falls during lighting maintenance.

Work Faster

As an added bonus, workers on average work faster under LED lights than other forms of work lighting. Recent studies suggest LEDs accelerate task completion, improve productivity, and improve cognition.

Every year, thousands of injuries occur in the workplace and over $1.7 billion is lost in medical expenses, lost time, and legal settlements relating to workplace safety. Keep your workplace safe. Shop heavy-duty industrial LED lights at

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