How Does A Non-Electric Toilet Bidet Work?

A non-electric toilet bidet is a major upgrade for a lot of households and frankly, there are a lot of reasons to buy one. They work faster. They’re more eco-friendly. They also save on toilet paper usage.

If you’ve never had one before, you may be asking yourself, how does a toilet bidet work – it’s simple.

The Basics Of A Toilet Bidet

Bidets are very common in Europe and the Middle East, far less so in Canada and the United States. A toilet bidet is an attachment that goes onto your toilet. Either electric or non-electric, it will connect to your water line. There it sits.

After a bowel movement, normally, grabbing toilet paper is what many Canadians do to clean up. With a bidet, you don’t have to do that. Stay seated. Turn on your toilet bidet. The bidet concentrates a stream of water directly against your backside, safely washing everything and restoring you to your usual fresh self.

Different Designs, Different Models

There are lots of different types of toilet bidets. There could be variances between models, although most offer some temperature control and adjustable water pressure. This allows you to adjust the experience of using a toilet bidet according to how you like it.

What’s common to most toilet bidets is that, although they are called ‘toilet bidets’, the hardware actually installs to the hot water line under the sink. Then, you attach it to any standard toilet. Installation is very, very easy.

Is A Toilet Bidet Expensive?

A toilet bidet in Canada is not very expensive. It’s a much more affordable and comfortable alternative to buying a true bidet. Bidets have a high price. Toilet bidets do not. So you’ll save money on buying toilet paper and also save on the normal expense that would accompany a traditional bidet.

Benefits of Using A Bidet Instead Of Toilet Paper

  • Bidets are widely viewed as being more effective at cleaning than toilet paper.
  • Bidets create far, far less waste, measuring water consumption compared to toilet paper usage.
  • Bidets are gentler on the skin which can be very important to those with sensitive skin, chafing, or cuts.
  • They are far more comfortable to use for people suffering from hemorrhoids or fissures.
  • If you have any mobility issues or difficulty wiping with toilet paper, using a toilet paper, there’s nothing involved beyond sitting. It gets you fully clean and without doing anything.

These are just a few of the reasons why choosing a non-electric toilet bidet just makes sense. Purchase yours today at and/or shop other bathroom essentials on sale from Canada’s top source for all things home and living.

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