7 Best Coleman Products To Buy For Your Next Camping Trip

There are few things that go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Coleman and the outdoors might.

When you’re hiking, camping, or heading out into the wilderness, you can rely on Coleman products to do what they say they’re going to do and ensure your trip isn’t sabotaged with breakdowns or low-quality gear.

Here are 7 Coleman essentials for camping, all well worth writing down for your next outdoor excursion.

Bug Vest

Protect yourself against mosquitoes with this anti-mosquito bug vest. This is a great way to have protection from ticks, flies, and pests of all kinds. It fits over any existing outfit and will block out insects with ease.

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LED Headlamp

An LED headlamp is the sort of thing that you don’t know you need it until you really need it. It fits around the head and allows you to see through the dark. When you’ve got to find something at night, you’ll be well prepared with this item.

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Coleman Cooler

A flip-lid Coleman cooler comes in various sizes. This one is fairly compact. It might not be appropriate for a BBQ but when camping, when you’re looking to save on size, a 6-can cooler works.

Camping Dinner Set

This two-person camping dinner set is easy to clean, extremely light, and easy to pack. If a dinnerware set is on your list, you won’t find a lighter set than this. Two plates. Two bowls. Two mugs. There’s even a couple of utensil sets here to use.

Rust Resistant Multi-Tool

A rust resistant multi-tool is a total camping essential. With this, you have multiple types of screwdrivers, a can opener, bottle opener, fish scaler, wire cutters, and more. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Df5d3 coleman lvth lvpp 104037 camping camper s multi tool stainless steel rust resistant camping necessary coleman

Bottle Top Propane Stove

When the fire isn’t good enough, a bottle top propane stove will provide all the heat you need. Utilizing PerfectFlow technology and with a fuel-efficient design, you can evenly heat compact meals in a matter of a couple of minutes or less.

3985d coleman lvth lvpp 102132 camping bottle top propane stove coleman

Camping Utensil Set

Like the multi-took, this camping utensil set is a multi-part tool that you can use around the campfire. With a knife, fork, spoon, and bottle opener, accessories like this cut down on what you’ve got to pack for a trip.

Shop high-quality Coleman products and more at ShopperPlus.ca. For your next camping trip, be prepared. Have products that will work even in the most extreme of conditions and provide consistent performance. You will be glad you chose Coleman, a brand that’s helped millions of people worldwide enjoy camping comfortably.

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