Top Party Trends In 2022 To Use To Plan Your Next Party

With the unexpected social distancing that occurred with the recent pandemic, many people are now turning to exciting trends for throwing a party as a way to celebrate connection and somewhat return to normal.

From an intimate party of just a few to a house full of 200 of your closest friends, here are a few ideas that will bring people together.

Grazing Boxes

Always thought of are the ever-popular charcuterie boards. Grazing boxes are a major party decor trend that has been on the rise for a few years.

Your guests hover over boxes filled with everything from fresh fruits to incredible dips to hand-created tortillas to sweets and vegetables. Guests can pick away at the boxes at random, thus grazing over the delights on offer.

Colors For Your Party

When selecting party tableware, colors matter. Pastels have made a comeback in the party trend. What once was full-blown over-the-top jewel colors has been replaced with the subdued hint of pastels.

The right colors can raise the level of a party from sublime to supreme, just by sourcing some very
creative party products.

Not for the faint at heart, this type of décor takes some planning and creativity to pull off.

Favor Bars

A focal point for many parties is the favor bar. This can range from sweets to flowers to cotton candy in a variety of shades in which to indulge.

Guests pick and choose from the favor bar and create their own take-home mementos. It’s somewhat complex but a heck of a trick. Try a candy bag, bouquet of flowers, somewhere that as a host you can go all out in décor.


A fun way for any guest to remember your party is with a photo in front of a selfie backdrop. Your décor might include a simple letter wrapped in a balloon arch in your theme colors, central in your party to post social media pictures. This type of party decoration is very easy to set up. A simple design with all the details will keep your guests thinking of ways they can dress up their events.

Outdoor Incredible Picnics

Imagine a sandy beach in your backyard. Low tables. Cushions on blankets under umbrellas that shade you.

Having delicious food and drinks in a setting such as this has been on the rise and is a trend worth
looking at. A luxury pop-up picnic can also include a backyard with a food vendor.

Whatever you choose to please your guests, these trends can certainly help make an experience of your party. Shop premium party supplies and more at A little imagination goes a long way without having to break the bank to achieve it.

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