What To Look For In The Best Shower Panel

Trendy and affordable, the best shower panels offer a way to increase the appeal of your bathroom while removing old, dated features in favor of something that will make showers far more exciting.

A basic shower head guides the water spray from the pipes to the person taking a shower. An advanced shower panel, however, has features like a rainfall water shower head, body water functions such as massages and high pressure jets, an LED screen, and more.

You don’t have to invest thousands in renovating your bathroom to redesign your tub or shower stall.

Safe Wall Mount

A multi-function shower panel installs flush with the wall. It goes up flat, wall-mounted and provides any number of features without getting in the way. Assuming it’s been properly mounted, the panel can fit into almost any bathroom, no matter how large or small.

The best shower panel will outperform any shower system or shower head ten-fold. Upgrade your bathroom. Reconfigure your shower experience with this budget-friendly purchase.

High-Quality Shower Head

There are a range of LED shower panels and shower heads to choose from. You can add the shower head you want, more or less. The most popular is unquestionably a stainless steel rainfall waterfall shower head. Also, don’t worry. If you prefer a shower hose, your shower panel is equipped with one. You have the option.

Thermostatic Valve

A thermostatic shower panel controls the water temperature to an exact figure. This is unlike pressure-balanced shower valves which control the ratio of hot water to cold and cannot accurately control the temperature of what’s coming out beyond this. A thermostatic panel provides you the chance to further customize the sort of shower experience you want.

Appropriate Pressure Balance

A stainless steel shower panel should be equipped with the functionality to control pressure balance throughout a shower. No one wants a shower that doesn’t carry enough water pressure or one that’s way, way too intense.

Massage System

A lot of shower panels have built-in multi-function shower features, including body massage jets, body water functions such as regular water and high-pressure jets, and can be switched from rainfall to massage to mist. Buying a shower panel turns a basic shower head into an in-shower massage system, adjustable to your personal preferences.

Tub Spout

Adding a tub spout to a shower panel is a common request as, of course, sometimes we’re interested in a bath more than a shower.

Shower panels, sometimes called shower towers, are a must in today’s modern showers. For the best shower panels in Canada and other clever bathroom shower ideas, visit ShopperPlus.ca today.

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